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To think that DH isn't happy and is looking for something more?

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DontFuckWithMyChocolate Sat 17-Sep-16 18:31:32

DH went shopping and came home with this. AIBU to think that he's looking for more? I mean, he's come back with a six-pack and a pair of boobs he can nibble on. I didn't even realise they sold those in Sainsburys. grin

notausernumber Sat 17-Sep-16 18:32:18


Definitely ltb

homersmoomoo Sat 17-Sep-16 18:33:28


KC225 Sat 17-Sep-16 18:34:14

Relax. I would guess your DH has seen the trailer to Sausage Party

Cocolepew Sat 17-Sep-16 18:34:38


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