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....think that this is incredibly goody?

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ChocolateForAll Sat 17-Sep-16 15:00:06

Screenshot from local mums' FB group. Can't remember if this is allowed on MN (identity is obscured). Ah well, I'm sure someone will be along to set me straight if not!

ChocolateForAll Sat 17-Sep-16 15:01:28

Goady not goody!! Argh! Title typo fail!! confused

DerekSprechenZeDick Sat 17-Sep-16 15:02:32

Just ridiculous

There's loons in every aspect of parenting. You have found yourself a breastfeeding one

RabbitSaysWoof Sat 17-Sep-16 15:05:27

Crazy bitch.

CitizenBloom Sat 17-Sep-16 15:12:29

I feel the need to start a campaign for ballet toddler role plays to involve female toddlers cradling teddies to their non-existent breasts, while male toddlers are grudgingly allowed to feed theirs with bottles labelled 'Expressed and Refrigerated Milk' in VERY BIG PRINT. Or the little girls can tandem feed the boys' teddies. Or maybe the little boys could wear badges indicating they've had hormone treatment to allow them to BF.

And obviously, all the teddies grow visibly during the role play, possibly to a soundtrack of 'Twinkle, twinkle, little breast/How could anyone not think you're best?'

I'm deadly serious here.

Soubriquet Sat 17-Sep-16 15:15:45

There is always sanctimommy breast feeders

Doesn't matter if you can't do it, you should be buying breast milk if you can't apparently

Just ignore it

RealityCheque Sat 17-Sep-16 15:23:42

But teddies are a different species! Why would humans bf them?

2kids2dogsnosense Sat 17-Sep-16 15:24:24

Sticking two fingers down my throat here.

What a tosser!

podmax Sat 17-Sep-16 15:25:22

She needs to get a fucking life.

AmeliaJack Sat 17-Sep-16 15:25:48

Reality that is an excellent point! Post that Choc go on I dare ya!

Wonderflonium Sat 17-Sep-16 15:27:27

Documentary evidence of the ballet class.

CaoNiMa Sat 17-Sep-16 15:27:49

The idea of expressed milk in a teddy's bottle made me actually laugh out loud.

Pumpkintopf Sat 17-Sep-16 15:31:35

She does, as you say, need to get a life.

Theimpossiblegirl Sat 17-Sep-16 15:32:17

Ask her if she would breastfeed a bear.

ChocolateForAll Sat 17-Sep-16 15:32:27

You'd think it was a joke, wouldn't you?!! She would not accept any point of view that differed to hers. Sanctimony at its finest... But most entertaining to watch.

Purplebluebird Sat 17-Sep-16 15:33:05

I just can't get my tail in a fluff about this :P Sigh

VinoTime Sat 17-Sep-16 15:51:26

Exactly what is it she's suggesting as an alternative? That the toddlers whap out a nipple in front of everyone and pretend to breastfeed their teddies instead? confused

SprogletsMum Sat 17-Sep-16 15:54:08

That is pathetic. I was a bit miffed though when my still breastfed 2 year old started nursery and used to breastfeed her dolls, nursery forced her to stop it and give them toy bottles.

TheNaze73 Sat 17-Sep-16 15:55:13

The world of batshit enters another dimension

MrsDc7 Sat 17-Sep-16 15:57:05

Omg imagine their faces if the little ones had whipped a 'boob' out and pretended to breastfeed?! That would have been HILARIOUS

Seekingadvice123 Sat 17-Sep-16 16:05:31

I can never understand all this never ending bloody boring, done to death hoo ha over feeding babies angry

MothersGrim Sat 17-Sep-16 16:10:11

Totally toady, the 'bet this won't be liked as much as a giveaway formula post is goad-central.


AcrossthePond55 Sat 17-Sep-16 16:42:40

That really made me snort-laugh (not a pretty sight!) at the scenario suggested by CitizenBloom.

I'm well past BF age and luckily in my day we were (apparently) much more tolerant of a mother's choices/decisions regarding her child. My BFF didn't BF and I certainly didn't feel smug or that she was a 'bad mother'. All that mattered was that her baby got the nutrition he needed.

SemiNormal Sat 17-Sep-16 17:02:27

What the actual fuck?! Who in their right mind would breastfeed a bear anyway? Seen the teeth on those fuckers?

RunnyRattata Sat 17-Sep-16 17:07:39

Is that why some bears get fractious? Y'know, the ones that don't get breastfed. Is that why they're called Grizzly Bears?

I'll get my coatsmile

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