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Time saving gifts

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allthecoffeeplease Sat 17-Sep-16 09:38:26

It's my birthday coming up and I'm being asked for gift suggestions. Wibu to ask only for things that are going to save me time somehow, as more time is all I really want/need. For context, I've got 2 school age 2 dc, 2 pt job (during school hours and evenings) and am starting my own business and doing up our house (very slowly...), so any suggestions as to what those time savers might be would be amazing too.

chanie44 Sat 17-Sep-16 10:04:17

Slow cooker - bung food in the morning, go about your day whilst the food cooks. They are handy for winter casseroles and stews.

Fancy notebook or diary - I use a notebook to keep me organised. I write to do lists, shopping lists, birthdays, important dates etc.

Fancy hair clip - great for tying up your hair when you are in a rush (just an idea so you get something that is for you!!!!)

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