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To ask re rekindling old friendship?

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Spraoi Sat 17-Sep-16 00:03:32

Name changed due to sensitive subject matter. Around 15 years ago in college I had a very close friend, talked every day, loved together etc. We were both quite bright and had a certain level of competition too. In our third year I was assaulted by a man, narrowly escaped rape. I reacted very poorly to this event, and in retrospect acted quite strangely to it all (dating large numbers of people, overreacting to minor events). I never really explained to former good friend what happened, our relationship became strained and we drifted apart. At the time I felt I explained things, but looking back I was very young and abstract and probably didn't really.

Years later we've both been through a lot (I've heard about her personal struggles from other mutual friends), and I've learned that we are working in the same city in a similar field. I'm now in a good place personally, she is not so much.

I feel I would like to get in contact and explain why I pulled away so much and what happened to tear such a close friendship apart, even if we can't reclaim the friendship we once had. I'm prepared for being rejected wholesale, but I'm wondering if anyone had been in a similar situation and had any advice?

ImissGrannyW Sat 17-Sep-16 00:26:22

I think if what you're offering is an as to why you drifted apart possibly being your fault + an ear to listen + support and practical help, I'm sure she'd bite your hand off!!!!

Good luck!

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