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to think I must really have pissed someone off?

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SaggyBaggyPuss Fri 16-Sep-16 17:05:45

I had another thread about my son's SEN and my issues with his secondary school discriminating against him for not recognising that his severe learning diffs affect his ability to do his work and the way he interacts with his peers seeing as he 4 years behind them developmentally and emotionally. I have had to make complaints, apply for an EHCP on my own and it has been an utter nightmare since he started there.

Anyway, I decided enough was enough a few months ago and took the decision to move him to a new school (closer to home), his twin brother is also not happy at (same) school for various reasons (he told me he would run away if I sent him back there a while back as he has experienced bullying) and said he wanted to move too as he has more friends at nearer school so I put in an application for them both to move.

Nearer (which is catchment) ignored my regular phone calls asking to come in and discuss my son's moving there. Kept leaving messages which were not returned, so just thought they were crap at returning calls from parents who kids were not in the school - fine. I went in there personally and spoke to the admission's officer who confirmed there were places available in year group, so I filled in transfer forms there and then and was told that it should be fine for them to start after the summer holidays and someone would contact me for a discussion. I informed them that DTS2 had SEN and was being assessed for an EHCP at that point.

Two weeks passed and I had not heard anything, week before summer holidays. DS's should have had interviews with Head of Year, school records needed to forwarded etc. I sent an email formally asking for a response, no acknowledgement. Kept calling, told I would be called back.

Day before summer hols started, I finally got through to the admissions officer who admitted the applications had not been processed as they were busy with 20 other applications. I admit I firmly stated my case that this was very frustrating as I had been told that the DS's could start at beginning of new term and I had needed to inform their current school what was going on etc. I was told that I would be contacted on the first day I had to send DS's back to old school which they were not happy about and meant that they knew they would be moving soon so didn't help in them settling back.

End of last week, I got through to Head's PA asking what was happening, was told that the school did not have to admit my son's even though they had spaces available. Emailed the Head complaining about delay and stating that I would put in an appeal if not heard by end of this week. No acknowledgement.

This week I find DTS2 will be getting an EHCP so I have put new school down as named school.

New school rang me this afternoon telling that they will admit DTS2 as they are the named school on his EHCP but will not admit DTS1 (top of class, no behaviour problems ever) as they don't have to as he already has a place at a local school and this is the advice of the Education Authority. I say well what is the purpose of the transfer form that I filled in weeks ago then? They reply it is only for kids moving into the area.

I knew this was wrong so rant LEA and they said they would not have told the school they could do that and of course, I can move my child's school!

I don't know what to do now and time is marching on. When I get their refusal, if I do as PA said she would have to speak to the Head when I said I wanted this in writing asap, I can appeal. An appeal could take us up to next half term to be heard and this is impacting DTS1's education.

Did I piss the new school off by chasing them? Isn't that what any parent would do so that you could make sure your DC were sorted in time for the new school year? Did the DS's current school bitch about me making complaints about the blatant discrimination and lack of support they gave DTS2. Head of current school is not impressed that I called them out on this. I am trying to think back through phone conversations with the new school in case I inadvertently called them fucking cunts after being told for the 10th time someone would call me back. I am sure I didn't but I should have done!


I can't CANT much merlo I'm afraid of as DD isn't of school age but would it be worth putting DTS2 in the new school then applying for DTS1? As I'm lead to believe that schools usually take on siblings when one is already at the school? I could be wrong though?

CANt much merlo? Stupid phone since I went to IOS10
I can't be of much help I'm afraid is what that was supposed to say

harderandharder2breathe Fri 16-Sep-16 17:28:23

I remember your previous thread sad

The school are being increadibly unfair to you and your boys. Plenty of kids move schools in the same area for various reasons (even 25 years ago I remember classmates moving to other nearby schools as my primary was shrinking and threatened with closure, and it appears more common now, not less.

Even if the school have a (horrible and unfair and possibly illegal) policy not to accept local transfers, this should've been made clear to you months ago.

I know it's heartbreaking for you, but is there a third school both boys could attend? New school sound like they will be shit at resolving any issues and likely to only do the bare minimum that they have to to support your DSs, and maybe even not that much

harderandharder2breathe Fri 16-Sep-16 17:29:41

Oh and even if the staff were pissed off with you, that should never be a factor on accepting admissions!

SaggyBaggyPuss Fri 16-Sep-16 18:52:32

Thanks Peppa and harder.

There are no other suitable local schools. One is completely full, another one is way too far away for them to get there (especially DTS2), and the other one is a Catholic school which they will not get into.

The sibling thing won't work as I would have to wait until they have offered a place to DTS2 and then reapply. Apparently the consultation with the school to admit DTS2 will take up to 3 weeks as he has an EHCP even though they have to admit him but surely their 'can't change schools' policy would apply as well!

FFS. It was supposed to be new school year with change of school so fresh start for both of them with friends they know from primary school, 10 minute walk away, together with EHCP so extra legally enforced support for DTS2 from the get go. It should have been much less stressful angry.

RealityCheque Fri 16-Sep-16 19:03:24

What does DTS mean?

wickedwitchofwaterloo Fri 16-Sep-16 19:05:13

I assume Darling Twin Son?

wickedwitchofwaterloo Fri 16-Sep-16 19:05:36

Might be wrong thou blush

user1471537877 Fri 16-Sep-16 20:14:11

I read your previous thread and really feel for you as I've had school problems with my DD

On a practical level repost in Education for the attention of Admission, PRH etc who are specialists in this area

It may be they can tell the right route to take as I'm pretty sure having gone through appeals that they cannot refuse you a place for there is one available

SaggyBaggyPuss Fri 16-Sep-16 22:54:01

Thank you User.

DTS is as wicked said!

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