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To think that DVLA have got this wrong?

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Flossyfloof Fri 16-Sep-16 15:29:01

Or that something has gone wrong somewhere?
DVLA have taken 110 from my account a couple of days apart.
Tax was due at the beginning of September and after a load of hassle at the Post Office I did it online.

Flossyfloof Fri 16-Sep-16 15:30:00

Sorry that's my clear - £110 has been taken out of my account twice.

CrazyDuchess Fri 16-Sep-16 15:31:02

Call them. You've been charged twice. They'll refund you

Redglitter Fri 16-Sep-16 15:31:28

So call them and explain the mistake and get a refund hmm

Flossyfloof Fri 16-Sep-16 15:33:07

Thanks I was vague about how much tax is - I've only got a fiesta so I didn't think it was 110 a month!

CrazyDuchess Fri 16-Sep-16 15:34:58

Sounds like you've paid for 6 months/a year upfront

Flossyfloof Fri 16-Sep-16 15:45:52

Red glitter I don't understand the face?
Thas all it was my fault, I had set up a rolling direct debit and had forgotten all about it and set up another one.
I had been trying to check the cost of tax online, couldn't see very well on my phone.

BaldricksWife Fri 16-Sep-16 16:33:26

You will be doing very well to call the DVLA and get through- spent half an hour being directed up my own exhaust and when I gave up and tried to email got a reply saying that email not available. Utter rubbish service.

MatildaTheCat Fri 16-Sep-16 16:35:03

I called the dvla a couple of weeks ago and got through fine. Try early in the day.

Flossyfloof Fri 16-Sep-16 17:41:02

I phoned as soon as I posted and had to go round the houses a bit. Was told I was in a queue but was answered straight away. Pretty good really and much better than I expected! Unfortunately it will take up to six weeks before they can refund but as Its my fault I can't really do much about that.
Thanks again.

StressedNHSemployee Fri 16-Sep-16 17:45:17

Do they still send out reminders for road tax?

Flossyfloof Sun 18-Sep-16 15:18:26

Yea but they say if y already pay by direct debit you don't need to worry, I looked up my car and it said it wasn't taxed.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Sun 18-Sep-16 15:55:38

Flossy call your bank and ask then to process an indemnity against the duplicate payment. They will be able to get the money back into your account much quicker, in most instances within 48 hours.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Sun 18-Sep-16 15:56:58

I reckon DVLA must be making a nice profit on car tax. I changed my car in the middle of April. It was sold to the garage I got the other car from and had been taxed in March. They sent off the paperwork and I waited the six weeks for a tax refund. When nothing came, I phoned and emailed and didn't get anywhere. Then I had an email in June saying I was still the registered keeper and then a cheque for July and August's tax rebate. The cheque was dated before the date they told me I was the registered keeper.

When I queried it, they absolutely wouldn't budge, although I had sent them proof from the garage. If they do this sort of thing regularly, they'll be getting extra tax regularly too.

Flossyfloof Sun 18-Sep-16 17:07:40

Thanks Felicia, I didn't know you could do that - I'll give them a ring.

Mossend Sun 18-Sep-16 17:14:08

If you have accidentally set up 2 dd's and forgot cancel the extra dd your bank won't be able to claim an indemnity. An indemnity is only used if there has been an error on either the bank or dvla's part. Having 2 live direct debits would not fall into any indemnity category.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Sun 18-Sep-16 19:04:19

Mossend - it would be a poor show on behalf of the bank if they won't complete an indemnity for a duplicate payment.It is standard practice. It could equally be the fault of the DVLA for not noticing they had two DDs set up for the same car.

Meadows76 Sun 18-Sep-16 19:13:30

They sent off the paperwork the only person at fault here is yourself. Not the DVLA. The paperwork is very clear that the seller is responsible for notifying DVLA they no longer own the car.

Mossend Mon 19-Sep-16 15:54:31

This isn't a duplicate payment though, if there are 2 different dd's set up they are completely separate.
I hope the op gets it sorted out but this has really nothing to do with the bank, all they did was pay the dd's the op had asked them to pay when the dd's were set up.
There are very specific criteria for an indemnity to be completed and this is not one.

LurkingHusband Mon 19-Sep-16 15:58:34

You will be doing very well to call the DVLA and get through- spent half an hour being directed up my own exhaust and when I gave up and tried to email got a reply saying that email not available. Utter rubbish service.

Given the UK governments repeated banging on about "digital by default", you should raise this with your MP.

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