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Anonymous false call to the police

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user1472640125 Fri 16-Sep-16 14:18:07

Hi all,
Long post, sorry but ill keep it as short as I can. My long term partner has his children each weekend and has done for many years since splitting from their mother. Their mother to put it politely has been nothing but a nightmare for many years, e.g making excuses why he cannot have the children, trying to turn the children against my partner, making other plans during our time with the children despite having a court order. The list is endless, but we have done our best to ignore her cries for attention and obviously focus on the boys.

Anyway, last year after dropping the children back off home we had a visit from the police. Apparently she had claimed my partner had punched his son! He is ten years old BTW. She is very calculating and has mental health issues and had somehow convinced him to lie to the police. He had previously cut his lip whilst playing on his scooter the previous week so was claiming this is what my partner had caused after punching him. The police obviously came round to speak to us and could clearly tell the story was fabricated but they had to investigate. Fortunately it was only because a friend of my partners son confirmed to the police that he had been there when he had fallen and cut his lip that no other action was taken. We were obviously angry and shocked. The police went back to the mothers home and gave her a warning for fake accusations and wasting police time. My partners son by this time had also confirmed to police he had lied after his mother had told him to. In time this was forgotten by my partner (he is aware of how the mother manipulates the children so didn't make a big issue of it with his son, he had words with his mother).

Now over a year later we had another visit from the police. They had received an anonymous call from a worried member of the public that my partner was verbally abusing his children. Again, totally false and the police spoke to the children at our house and could see everything was fine. We obviously couldn't point fingers but guessed it was again the mother. Just a few weeks later we find out we were correct it was her that made the call. My partners other son had been there whilst she made the call and then heard her talking about it with one of her friends.

I'm outraged. I know as she made the call anonymously we don't have definite proof if was her but is there anything we can do to stop this happening again? I'm dreading the door knocking or worrying what she is planning next. Can the police still trace a call even if it was made anonymously? This is defamation of character and if her calls had been taken seriously could of had serious consequences for my partner.

PGPsabitch Sat 17-Sep-16 08:05:21

It sounds like a horrible situation and muse have you bother on edge. You may be better off getting this moved to legal if you are after that kind of a advice.

PizzaPlease Sat 17-Sep-16 08:53:35

If I was in your partner's shoes I'd be looking into having the boys full time.

kisstory Sat 17-Sep-16 09:13:22

Currently in the same situation .
It's got the point where we are considering having cameras installed in our home or my partner not being able to see his children due to constant false allegations and the effect it's had on our family .
No advice really , the police have to investigate unfortunately though I know where your coming from flowers

Boogers Sat 17-Sep-16 09:18:15

If your partner's son has been coerced into making a false statement to the police, and the police have recorded it as such, surely there must be grounds for residency being taken from the mother? Have any other agencies been involved, social services for example?

Losingtheplod Sat 17-Sep-16 09:24:36

The police will already have a record of the first call, which was clearly proved to be false, so any allegations coming from the children's mother, will be dealt with, with that in mind. I agree with Boogers though, have you looked into the option of the children coming to live with you? It must be so damaging for them to be manipulated like this.

witchywoohoo Sat 17-Sep-16 11:11:19

Speak to a solicitor. This is horrible for you and your partner but so so damaging for the children. Good luck.

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