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To think a pot of fruit shouldn't cost more than a main meal?

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MalodyandJim Fri 16-Sep-16 06:41:12

Secondary school...just checked DDs account. She had a main meal at £1.15 and a pot of fruit at £1.20. Pot of fruit was apple/melon/grapes

That's ridiculous isn't it? How does a pot of cheap fruit cost more than a curry and naan bread?!

MalodyandJim Fri 16-Sep-16 06:43:27

Free school meal allowance is £2.30 a day I think. So if you're on FSM you can't have a meal and fruit and a drink (no water fountains) or any breakfast because once you've bought a meal and drink you can't afford any fruit. They don't sell individual pieces of fruit either, just pots.

BikeRunSki Fri 16-Sep-16 06:44:16

Because fruit is more expensive than the veg they probably used to bulk out the curry.

Trifleorbust Fri 16-Sep-16 06:45:32

The main meal is cooked in school, presumably and can be done in bulk, whilst I suspect they order in the fruit. I'm sure they can accept more for the meal if you make a point of it grin

RootTeeToot Fri 16-Sep-16 06:53:21

As you sure they can't have a meal and fruit and a drink if you are on FSM? You definitely can at ours. A main meal, a drink and a desert is £2.20 or whatever it is now.

ITCouldBeWorse Fri 16-Sep-16 06:53:24

Well it is supposed to be lunch, not breakfast as well. Why is your child not eating breakfast at home? Or taking fruit with him or her?

ITCouldBeWorse Fri 16-Sep-16 06:54:15

Also suggest your child carries in a bottle of water (free).

MalodyandJim Fri 16-Sep-16 06:56:45

She does eat breakfast at home. You can get a meal a drink and a pudding on the meal deal, not fruit!

ErrolTheDragon Fri 16-Sep-16 07:08:59

Talk to the school about it - why no fruit in the meal deal. And/or why not just fruit instead of 'fruit pots' - things that kids can manage ( satsuma, bunch of seedless grapes, banana halved if large).

And they surely ought to have water freely available - don't they have jugs of tap water available?

BarbaraofSeville Fri 16-Sep-16 10:33:10

£1.15 is very cheap for a main meal so will be subsidised or sold at cost.

The fruit will not be subsidised but is still cheaper than similar in a supermarket - have a look to see how much they charge for prepared fresh fruit.

It is probably to ensure that everyone can afford a meal but anything above the basics have to be paid for in full.

The issue is not thst the fruit is expensive but the meal is cheap.

SaucyJack Fri 16-Sep-16 10:34:47

Fruit isn't cheap- specially melon and grapes.

FluffyWuffyFuckYou Fri 16-Sep-16 10:40:45

I think its the meal that is surprisingly cheap, not the fruit that is expensive, it isn't.

ErrolTheDragon Fri 16-Sep-16 12:16:00

I somehow missed that we were talking about a secondary school. In which case absolutely no need for pots of prepared fruit (which are expensive) - a pile of apples, bananas, citrus etc. Melon needs minimal prep to cut into wedges.

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