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Engagement Ring Missing

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facepalming Fri 16-Sep-16 00:30:28

So we have been having our boiler replaced, 2 day job first day today.

3 guys working in the house for a fairly big well reviewed company. All seem pretty pleasant and chatty.

DH has been at work so just been me and my two dc (toddler and baby) so set them up with tea and coffee making facilities and declared that we would stay out of the way in the living room.

I stupidly kept the door shut and left them too it. I only be ventured out for a walk to the shop and to make lunch.

as I went to bed today my jewellery box caught my eye on the windowsill in our room and something made me check. My engagement ring is gone. I know for sure it was there on Sunday and I can't think of any other possibility than that one of these guys took it.

I feel totally sick.

They are back tomorrow - aibu to confront them or should I report it straight away?

Omgkitties Fri 16-Sep-16 01:01:05

I'd ask them and see what they say then report it.

FairyAccess Fri 16-Sep-16 01:14:50

Mmm, hard to say but I think an engagement ring would be an odd thing to nick. It's the type of thing that's hard to sell on and isn't useful to keep.

avamiah Fri 16-Sep-16 01:24:13

Hi OP,
Firstly im so sorry this has happened but lets hope it turns up.
But i have one very important question,
Where is your toilet situated?
Where is your bedroom situated?
You haven't mentioned this and its a very important point.

facepalming Fri 16-Sep-16 01:52:52

fairy access we thought the same thing. it would be worth much less to them than to me. it was a few thousand new so a pawn shop wouldn't give very much but it really can't be anywhere else.

My toddler is too young to be wandering unsupervised and I haven't had it out the box. I wear it and it goes straight back (I don't wear it all the time as it has a sharp corner I'm scared to scratch the baby).

facepalming Fri 16-Sep-16 01:56:20

avamiah thank you.

The bathroom where the tank is that was being removed is in the centre of my landing - door opposite the stairs. The bedrooms are to the left and right. Our bedroom is the left and the door is opposite the window.

I was stupid enough to leave my jewellery box on the windowsill dead opposite the door.

The ensuite is on the right hand side after entering the bedroom. (again opposite window).

I'm sick to my stomach about it all. can't sleep and so sad. I would pay them double what they would get elsewhere to get that ring back

avamiah Fri 16-Sep-16 02:05:19

So they would have to use toilet in your bedroom?
Did they ask you, or did you say they could use it?
It just sounds too unbelievable that one of them would even consider stealing your engagement ring, if they have to come back today.

MissKatieVictoria Fri 16-Sep-16 02:06:42

If you're dead certain it has to have been stolen by one of them, can you not ask the police to attend whilst they are there, and have the police ask them about the missing ring? Do you have a photo of the ring you could give copies of to local pawn shops and ask them to be aware it has been stolen and may be attempted to be sold to them, asking them to hold on to it and call the police if someone brings it in?

Beeziekn33ze Fri 16-Sep-16 02:09:06

Make a big fuss, say you must have mislaid ring and ask them to look around for it as they work. Don't appear suspicious. Give a big sigh and say that although it was only a cheap one with a fake stone DH saved up for it and it means a great deal to you. You're so upset you'd even give a small reward to anyone who could find it.
If one did take it and hasn't sold it or aren't in it together you just might get a result. If there are any jeweller's/pawn shops/Cash Converters nearby check whether they have in the last day been offered a similar ring. Hope you get your ring back.

facepalming Fri 16-Sep-16 02:21:21

They had to drain all the water from the tanks, remove the tanks and then do whatever they do so that water comes just from the mains. As part of that they said they checked all the toilets to make sure they had filled up again.

They also moved a box of books off the landing to our room out of the way.

at one point they sent one guy up stairs to 'shut them all off'. I heard him.moving around in our room and was assuming they'd sent him to shut off all the radiators. The movement in our room was coming from next to the window but I didn't worry as that's where the radiator is. I remember because both kids were napping on the sofa with me and I was waiting thinking they would come into the living room to sort the radiator and disturb dc's.

it was bloody stupid of me to leave it where it was. my guess is it was just a moment of opportunity when one of them was up there on their own

facepalming Fri 16-Sep-16 02:24:20

beezie that's a good idea.

I'm only interested to get it back i don't care at all about getting anyone in trouble I just want my ring back.

I'm heartbroken thinking that I won't get it back.

I've torn the house apart 'just in case' but I know it was in the jewellery box Sunday and I haven't had it out since.

Some other bits in the box seem to have been moved but nothing else seems to be missing. The ring would be the most valuable both in monetary terms and it's value to me.

facepalming Fri 16-Sep-16 02:26:38

The men aren't really local (firm is based about 60 miles away) so I don't think much point checking the shops here.

I can't believe someone would do it knowing they have to be back the next day. Maybe he will call sick. would take some lack of conscience to walk back in!

avamiah Fri 16-Sep-16 02:34:12

You have to call the police first thing when they are there.
And if one of them doesnt turn up then case solved.
Also they will take fingerprints, and too be honest the owner of the company will have all their details if they are a reputable firm.
I hope it turns up .

facepalming Fri 16-Sep-16 02:41:38

I was wondering if they could take fingerprints as of course they will have had to touch the jewellery box.

but I wasn't sure the police would do anything at all - I really hope they would.

it seems totally mad to risk their Job for my ring.

It got me wondering if they have done it before. It seems so easy when uou think about it. There are 3 of them so hard to pinpoint one and that's even if I could prove it's been stolen and not lost.

I'm in such a muddle about it all. We have paid 50% deposit for the work which is half done. What if I make a fuss first thing and they don't finish. I'm down over 1.5k deposit and have no boiler (Inc. no hot water) as well as my ring sad

MissKatieVictoria Fri 16-Sep-16 02:43:31

Definitely call the police and file a report with their employer. They surely cannot afford to be employing thieves that will steal from their clients. You never know, there may have been a similar report before yours that shows a pattern of valuables going "missing" when one or more of these men is at a job.

MissKatieVictoria Fri 16-Sep-16 02:46:05

They are contracted to do the work, they cannot just walk out if paperwork has been signed. If one of them does walk out, it gives you a damn safe bet who the thief probably is! If they do refuse to complete the job having been accused, a differnt team of workmen could be sent to finish the job?

ScarlettSahara Fri 16-Sep-16 02:51:23

High OP _Really sorry for you flowers.
I would report to police & to the company. The company would not want to employ dishonest people with a risk of complaints & people being put off employing them. Hope you get your rong back.

ScarlettSahara Fri 16-Sep-16 02:52:07


MephistoMarley Fri 16-Sep-16 03:06:45

If it's a proper company they will finish the work regardless I would think. How upsetting.

facepalming Fri 16-Sep-16 06:51:42

I'm still wide awake stomach in knots about the whole thing. How can someone be so brazen. And all of them started the day chatting and friendly.

monkeysox Fri 16-Sep-16 09:15:40


facepalming Fri 16-Sep-16 10:16:55

so only one of the 3 came back today along with two new guys. No explanation why the team is different. Today they are actually fitting the boiler so if I had to guess today I think all three are gas safe plumbers and yesterday they had one plumber and two labor ours for removing the tank.

I've told them its gone missing, that's it's worth nothing except to me and pleaded with them to keep their eyes open for it. Once they are done I will give the company owner a call

LurkingHusband Fri 16-Sep-16 10:17:59

It just sounds too unbelievable that one of them would even consider stealing your engagement ring, if they have to come back today.

Criminals - by definition - are a bit thick. It really is that simple sad.

facepalming Fri 16-Sep-16 10:56:14

when presented with such an easy opportunity I guess it's too simple for some. I can't believe I was so stupid to leave it in such an obvious and easily accessible place. A heartbreaking lesson to learn sad

The guy here who was here yesterday is going to check their van in car it got scooped up with tools (it couldn't have) and call the guys that were with him yesterday 'in case they saw it...'

I really don't care about anyone getting in trouble I just want it back

whatishistory Fri 16-Sep-16 11:06:43

I hope you get it back one way or another, but to care about the culprit being caught means you are leaving other people to go through the same as you. That's how people like that get away with preying on others. I understand you're upset (& I'm sorry if I'm sounding harsh), but what if it's an old lady's savings that are under her bed next time!

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