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To think if a noise sends you completely deaf in one ear for 18hrs you should see a Dr?

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MaddyHatter Thu 15-Sep-16 19:57:50

I'm not am i?

There was an almighty thundercrack over my moms house on Tuesday, absolutely horrendous massive BOOM of noise. She was in the bathroom by the open window when it happened at about 2pm.

She informed me this morning, that she noticed afterwards she'd gone completely deaf in the one ear, couldn't hear a dicky bird with it.

She said her hearing had mostly come back by 10am yesterday, but it still doesn't feel quite right.

I told her to go to the Drs and get it checked, and a hearing test done, but she's refused.

AIBU to keep nagging her and make her go?

albertcampionscat Thu 15-Sep-16 19:59:49


This doesn't quite apply, but...

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