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To be utterly bored

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PigInMuck86 Thu 15-Sep-16 16:10:57

DH and I had a row this morning - he maintains that as a SAHM i get to do what i want. Only his crazy shift pattern; rolling three week - 9-6 week 1 9-10 week 2, 2 - 1p week 3 and two Sats a month 9 - 4 means my life is actually -

6 a.m. wake up, packed lunches, 3 dcs dressed, homework
8 a.m. school run
9 - 11 very very slow washing up and laundry and prepping lunch with 18 month old 'helper'
11 snack and 30 min fight to get said baby to nap for 45 mins
Nap prep tea and pack whatever shite dcs need
12.30 lunch
PM Toddler group
3 pm school pick up and then taxi around to after school clubs, playdates
5 homework
6 tea
7 bedtime
8 All children asleep, tidy up, sort uniform for morning, wash up from tea
10 Bed zzzzzz
Then each fecking child wakes once or twice and i deal with them because DH is tired.

Obv i fit in time to piss about on here (thank God for Bing and ice pops) but do what i want? No bloody chance.

I don't expect DH to do any housework as im at home, i don't mind that he won't get up in the night. But i do mind when he maintains my life can"t be fucking boring.

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