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to devise a test for other road users about cyclists?

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FrustratedCyclist Thu 15-Sep-16 15:53:15

Disclaimer: Most drivers/pedestrians are of course lovely, but all of these have happened to me on my commute to work in the last few weeks...

Q1. If you are driving a car alongside a cycle lane and you are frustrated because you are stuck in traffic but cyclists are overtaking you, do you:
A. Nudge your car over as you slowly move along so that you block the cycle lane?
B. Squirt your windscreen cleaner as the cyclist nears your car so that it goes all over them?
C. Wait until the cyclist is nearly in line with your car then speed up and pull up just in front of them causing them to screech to a halt?

Q2. If you are approaching a narrow road with cars parked down either side and a cyclist in front of you is also approaching the road, do you:
A. Put your foot down and race in front of the cyclist then slam on your brakes as you approach the first of many speed bumps along the road so the cyclist has to brake suddenly behind you?
B. Drive up right behind the cyclist and rev your engine repeatedly so if the cyclist has to slow down for any reason (see A above) you are likely to slam into them or at least cause them to fear that you will do so?

Q3. When travelling along a narrow road with traffic coming the other way, do you:
A. Wait politely by the side of the road for cars coming the other way to pass by but then inexplicably speed up and charge forwards if the following road user is a cyclist?
B. See that the only road user coming the other way and already on the road is a cyclist so speed up and charge towards them, all the while pretending that you can't see them?
C. Acknowledge the waiting car driver with a polite wave as you pass by while making sure to ignore the cyclist IN FRONT OF THE CAR who is also waiting patiently for you to pass by?

Q4. If you are a pedestrian (ok, so not strictly a road user), do you:
A. Cross the road through slow moving traffic, not look to the left where there is a cycle lane and then turn your back on the cycle lane and walk along the cycle lane while ignoring the perfectly pleasant pavement next to the road?
B. Walk with a group of friends side by side on a cycle path and make sure not to move out of the way if a cyclist approaches, when there is a footpath next to the cycle path
C. Walk your dog in the park on a long extendable lead, have a conversation on your mobile and make sure to stand the other side of the (shared) cycle/footpath to your dog?

greenlolly Thu 15-Sep-16 15:55:14

I feel your pain. Especially dogs on extendable leads, I've had many a near miss with those.

FrustratedCyclist Fri 16-Sep-16 12:14:33

Sorry - realise that was really long! blush

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