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to ask for your help in dealing with the shower of shit that is ASDA?

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MassDebate Thu 15-Sep-16 11:39:11

SIL did her shopping with ASDA online the other day and ASDA have charged her for it 3 times, leaving her overdrawn and incurring bank charges. (SIL shops online so she can keep track of spending - they have a very tight budget and 4 small kids to feed so this is a major issue for them.)

When she called to notify them of the error ASDA originally gave her the usual spiel about being unable to refund for at least 10 working days blah blah blah, but apparently now are saying that it isn't up to them to rectify the situation and she should contact her bank. Her bank say it's ASDA's issue and they can't do anything because the card payment was authorised (even though it was only authorised for one payment, not 3).

I've seen on here that people have suffered this with ASDA before. Any words of wisdom from those who have been there to help her get it sorted? I've already told her she needs to escalate the complaint with Asda and her bank and keep going until one of them takes responsibility. Understandably she is increasingly concerned that nothing is being done to sort this out given this means they have NO money and increasing overdraft charges in the meantime.

MummyJobo Thu 15-Sep-16 11:42:32

What a nightmare for your SIL. shops often spout 10 day rule it's absolute rubbush at most it should be up to 3 days as per refund process but actually in a store as big as this surely a senior manager should be able to review and refund in cash sounds to me more like wont rather than can't ! Hope it's sorted soon

ImperialBlether Thu 15-Sep-16 11:43:05

Report it on Twitter - they hate bad publicity.

Discobabe Thu 15-Sep-16 11:58:38

Go in the shop and ask for a manager. Speak loudly and refuse to move until it's sorted. Be calm, polite but very firm. Maybe cry a bit if necessary ;). And make sure you ask for compensation re any bank charges.

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