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Stupid lazy spider

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Justwanttoweeinpeace Wed 14-Sep-16 19:38:47

DS and I found this big hairy spider in the kitchen at tea time and to reward it for sitting under the wine glass so nicely while DS inspected it, we let it out near a big pile of ants in the hall (that are getting hoovered up after dinner.)

Just had a look, the flipping spider hasn't moved an inch. All that dinner toddling around and it hasn't lifted a leg.

Well nobody in this house gets a free ride. He's off in the garden just as soon as we've eaten. (Omelette, not ants.

AIBU to inspect a bit more effort?

ipswichwitch Wed 14-Sep-16 19:48:51

YANBU. we have a lazy freeloading spider. I've managed to not get hysterical and make DH throw it out the window, because the kids decided they quite like it.

So how does the little fecker repay my kindness? By not eating the bastard fly that's been buzzing around the bedroom night after night. Just as I'm about to nod off, without fail, the wingy twat dive bombs me buzzing louder than a herd of angry hornets.

That spider is getting a stern talking to tonight. Earn your keep, eat that bloody bastard fly or I'll feed you to the frog that lives in our garage.

justilou Wed 14-Sep-16 19:53:23

I don't think that they eat ants.... (Ants have formalin in their blood and it repels most predators). Spiders eat flying insects like moths, flies, bees, etc.

Justwanttoweeinpeace Wed 14-Sep-16 19:57:52

How about flying ants? sad

ItsJustNotRight Wed 14-Sep-16 20:06:07

I've got a sneaky bastard in the living room. He only comes out after 22:00hrs. He then just sits on the carpet until I go to bed. He finally gets his act together overnight and gets back to his usual hangout. Should I just tread on him? The sneaky bastard is a spider not DH to avoid any confusion. He is a big beast and I don't much care for him.

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