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Health risk

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2down1togo Wed 14-Sep-16 08:30:57

AIBU to think that if someone is lucky enough to receive a warning about their health they should heed it?

A relative has recently had another in a long line of health scares (mostly heart related but other things too)
The thing is, they don't seem to heed it. Don't slow down, working too hard, very long hours (mostly unnecessary), poor diet, etc?
The background to my annoyance is that I have in the past lost a close family member to a massive heart attack with no warning, at a young age.

Surely most people can understand how important their health is and look after themselves properly??

PurpleWithRed Wed 14-Sep-16 08:40:54

Most can, some can't, or don't care, or aren't prepared to believe it. We're better programmed for short-term decision making, and we tend to think that if it's been OK so far then it will probably be OK.

I can see it must be incredibly frustrating.

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