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HMRC and receiving letters every bloody week/AIBU?

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avamiah Wed 14-Sep-16 01:25:24

About 4 months ago I called HMRC and informed them that my circumstances had changed and that i wanted to stop my claim for child tax credits.
However about a week later i received a letter stating that i have to make a repayment as i had already been paid money in the tax year.
No Problem.
I set up a DDebit and have been paying it.
However, since i told them i don't want any Child tax credits, i have had letters every week off them, telling me how much i owe and when it has to be paid etc.
Its ridiculous.
What is their problem?

LadySorensen Wed 14-Sep-16 04:10:10

Did you call them up and arrange the direct debit over the phone or did you set it up online yourself? Either way give them a call, sometimes it can take nearly 2 weeks for letters to be received after they're sent by HMRC so it could also just be a crossover

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