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different opinions from shop on bra fitting

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dottypotter Tue 13-Sep-16 14:33:25

I went to a well known store that does bra fitting last week. Always a bit of a chore but needs to be done. Was fitted for a bra and went back a few days later to pick another one up that id had to order as they didn't have the colour in.

Saw someone else and tried to the bra on again to be told it wasn't a good fit and so we went through it all again and I got fitted for another bra different size. Then had to get a refund on the bra I had already bought luckily not worn it and had it with me.

so you have 2 different fitters at the store both saying different things and each would think they were right. Nightmare anyone else have this.
AiBU to expect to get the right bra first time and not be told its wrong by someone else. She just said it happens sometimes.

Cakedoesntjudge Tue 13-Sep-16 14:44:22

I once tested this by going to three places in an afternoon and getting 3 VERY different sizings given to me. I understand them differing a bit but we were talking about a huge difference. I just try bras on now until it fits right - I find different bras from different places fit differently anyway and my boobs are quite large so I need one that fits!

Weirdly, Ann summers is the only place that has normally gotten it right with M&S always being miles off. I also find them really helpful in there and their t shirt bras are normally really pretty and not a bad price.

But if I were you I'd grab a tape measure and google it - it's really easy to do it yourself - and then just try on bras in the size you measure plus a size each side and find which one you feel is the most supportive.

HereIAm20 Tue 13-Sep-16 14:44:36

I would go to Bravissimo because they are the only ones who ever get my size correct!

Underbeneathsies Tue 13-Sep-16 14:58:37

The thing is bras are differently cut and fit differently depending on the style.

I tried the bra intervention on the style board, (thanks to the bra ladies) and got a 32J bra size diagnosis, but every bra I tried with this size (costing £45 each) dug in under my arms as my boobs are high on my chest. sad

So here I sit in my plunge type 36E bra from a supermarket, cost me £10 and fits well.

I wear a lot of sports type bras as well, just haven't found a style in 32J that sits well on my small rib age without poking me under the arms, or has massive amounts of lace/ elastane/ huge numbers of hooks and wide straps, and is fugly / luminous as hell.

I think if the bra fits wear it, and not to worry about the size, or wearing a size that's recommended.
Different styles can be different sizes and maybe both the fitters were right. A bra for the office under a blouse/ top/ jacket, might be a different size to one that's pushing you up to fit occasion wear.

dottypotter Wed 21-Sep-16 13:39:34

I have finally sorted it out it was so stressful. The shop admitted the older lady I saw was more experienced in fitting bras and the younger one would have more training.

They told me always to stick to the same person.

OftenWondering Wed 21-Sep-16 14:00:59

Works perfectly.

Rollonbedtime7pm Wed 21-Sep-16 14:32:43

I don't see how they can just say "stick to the same person" - a boob is a boob and its measurements shouldn't be subjective!

PatPhelan Wed 21-Sep-16 14:40:23

I got measured a 40G 6 months ago at mothercare.

Measuring myself from this website puts me at a 30 JJ.

They have a Facebook page you can get fitting advise etc. Very very helpful.

Most places are still using the old measuring techniques adding inches to your hand size.

PatPhelan Wed 21-Sep-16 14:40:38

*band size

RunningLulu Wed 21-Sep-16 14:57:36

I got measured at Rigby Peller recently as I was told they're really good and they told me I was a 32E. I usually wear a 34D or a 36C so was a bit skeptical but they managed to dig up a bra so I tried it on. As expected it wasn't right. I think bra measuring is just a load of bull to be honest. You should just try lots of different sizes and get one you're comfortable in.

OftenOnTime Wed 21-Sep-16 16:30:02

I used to wear 32B/C. The Bra Guru said 30E. was shocked at the E. Bra guru was 100% right and I've never had such comfy well fitted supportive bras. Do try the way it says to measure.

Underbeneathsies Wed 21-Sep-16 16:58:41

Well, yes, if you measure then you'll get what you get every time and this according to the method, prescribes a bra size.

My point is that this doesn't take into consideration the shape and lay of your boobs, whether they're full on top, tear drop shaped, droopy, wide spaced, low on the rib cage, wide shouldered, or narrow set, top heavy, close set, inward pointing, high on a small rib age etc.

Measurements around the ribs and across the nipples will always read the same, but the confort of a bra will depend utterly on the fit and style of the bra.

Sometimes the band size and cup shape don't suit no matter what the measurements say.

I've never found a bra style with the bra guru method that suits me as I have narrow shoulders a tiny rib cage, wide spread, outward pointing, large boobs that sit high on my chest. So all large cup, wired cup bras stick in under my arms, and those without wires (like sports bras) jam my breasts together and crush them into a massive uniboob shelf. I even tried out a Doreen style, and it was so "sweater girl", I nearly took an eye out on the tube.

Measurements say those bras should fit me perfectly, but they don't. They're damn uncomfortable, and blardy expensive..

I wear styles that suit my chest and breasts, and I take in the band if needed. And I don't think getting hung up on a method of measurement, to the exclusion of common sense, is a useful was to go about dressing yourself. It makes for unhappy boobs. biscuit biscuit

PatPhelan Wed 21-Sep-16 17:14:25

Absolutely agree Under

It's always good to get a proper measurement first though as you have somewhere to start from. Had I relied upon my mothercare measurements I would still be wearing a very comfortable but much too big in the band and lacking in support bra.

Now I have a new starting point, a size I wouldn't have even entertained before and i can try out different styles until I find something more suited.

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