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To feel a bit pissed off with my three year old?

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JayoftheRed Mon 12-Sep-16 16:42:50

I am being a bit over sensitive here, I know, but feel a bit crap.

DS1 is three, nearly 4. He's really into Thomas the tank at the moment, and he especially likes episodes where the trains get buried by mud or sand, or snow.

He spent all summer re-enacting various Thomas episodes with his toy trains in sandpits and flower beds and then as a present for being good through the summer, I bought him a small sandpit to play with inside (conservatory) and I just hoover up the excess sand each night.

But it was the snow he really wanted. He's never seen real snow, except on TV, and he just wanted his toy trains to go through snow, get buried in it, whatever.

So when I saw a "make your own snow" thing, I nabbed it. It arrived today, and it's basically white powder and when you add water the powder expands and it really does look like snow.

DS1 doesn't like it. He has whined and moaned that it's not right (how does he know, he's never seen real snow!) and now he won't touch it.

I was so pleased to be able to get it for him, it really does look and feel like snow only it's not cold, and it's quite... I don't know what the word is but it makes a decent snowball.

I know he's only three and he obviously had some idea in his head that hasn't been met, but I just feel so let down by his reaction and his whining and just his ingratitude over the whole thing. I just want to chuck it in the bin and sod the whole thing.

He's always like this when I buy him stuff, I really ought to stop wasting my money. Whatever I get him it's always the wrong one or something.

Just feel a bit shit. Don't suppose it really matters though. As you were.

mycatstares Mon 12-Sep-16 16:45:22

My 4yr old is the same sometimes, I think the annoying thing is feeling really pleased with yourself That you took the time to find something you thought they'd really enjoy and then the crap reaction.
Its a hard to please age!

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