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Don't know if I am over thinking?

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TeaAndToast2016 Mon 12-Sep-16 11:53:44

So basically my partner works long hours sometimes and I've noticed since being pregnant I've been a little clingy and paranoid but just brushed it off as part of pregnancy, but recently I've got this gut feeling that my partner is cheating.
There is a woman he works with who is his manager and I just don't trust her I haven't since the day I met her to be honest. He sometimes acts shady when his phone goes off especially when she texts, she always leaves kisses at the end of each text that she sends him which personally I find quite inappropriate.
She is also on holiday at the moment with her boyfriend might I add and keeps trying to facebook call him. She has done it twice now, the first time I was on the PC and he was at work and the call popped up, I wish I had answered it now and the second time was the next day in the morning.
I obviously mentioned it all to him and asked if he was cheating, he said he doesn't know why she keeps ringing him that's why he hasn't answered any of the calls and said that I could go through his phone to prove he hasn't cheated but I still think technology these days makes it so easy to delete messages etc so even if I did he could of easily of got rid of evidence.

I'm just so worried he is cheating and I'm just angry at the woman at how inappropriate she is being. AIBU or have I got something to worry about.

TeaAndToast2016 Mon 12-Sep-16 12:08:21

Also I forgot to mention that he has been really distant recently and breaking lots of promises and has taken a bit more pride in himself than what he used to.
I was away for a week visiting family and we said we would ring just to see how each others day was etc but he didn't bother 3 times and said he was going out with his mates instead. I don't have a problem with him going out with them I just didn't appreciate that he said he would call and then not bother.

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