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to expect high school to have acknowledged DS' SEN?

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cakedup Mon 12-Sep-16 10:45:13

DS has just started year 7/secondary school last Wednesday. He is severely dyslexic and a few years behind his peers.

At an induction evening in June, I mentioned this to the deputy, raising concerns that DS would feel very anxious starting high school and that a plan of action from the start would be very reassuring for us both. He assured me that they were aware of DS' SEN and they would be giving DS a thorough assessment in order to plan his support. All parents were meant to have a 1:1 "passport to the future" meeting with the school during the Summer, I asked if the SENCO could be present during my meeting to which he agreed to. However, I was never contacted for this meeting. I emailed the SENCO on Weds asking for a meeting or at least a heads up to what the plan of action would be.

DS has been dreading school. He is unable to write down the homework set and has to memorise it. He does fully understand the instructions given to him in class. Last night he had a dodgy stomach which he gets when he is anxious. The day before his whole body was aching, he couldn't move off the sofa - as there have been no other symptoms I suspect this may also be stress related.

This is my first experience of high school. I know it's a big school and there are a lot of kids but AIBU to have expected something, some kind of acknowledgement of DS' needs at the start?

cakedup Mon 12-Sep-16 10:49:28

Sorry, that should be 'he doesn't fully understand the instructions given to him in class'.

GoblinLittleOwl Mon 12-Sep-16 11:50:29

Contact the school again; records are sent to the secondary schools but are not always passed on to the relevant people.The Deputy probably hasn't passed on the information you gave him to the senco, who will have an in-box full of emails. I don't normally believe in pestering the school, but at the beginning of your son's secondary schooling it is important the right people have all the information; unfortunately communications are not as efficient as in primary schools, because they are so much larger. See the senco as soon as you can face to face.
Is it possible to see his form tutor, or equivalent?
Could a friend write down the information for him until this is sorted out?

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