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To think this should be reported to the landlord

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DaveMinion Sun 11-Sep-16 23:56:20

So DH and I have lived in our rented house for 6 and a half years. No major problems other than a new boiler needed.

So one of the tiles in the bathroom by the sink has fallen off. DH thinks we should just get some tile cement and stick it back on. I think we should get the landlord to sort it as it's may be the start of all of them going. Plus if we do a bad job it may affect damp etc (I'm the diy-er of the pair lol). Who is right?

So not to drip feed, bathroom is the original from when the house was built 30 years ago and a new one would be lovely. It's getting really hard to keep clean due to the age and the tiles by the bath are starting to look like they might go too.

Thanks in advance.

allsfairinlove Mon 12-Sep-16 00:00:07

I think you should tell your ll about it and if he says to go ahead and stick the tile back on, do it.

e1y1 Mon 12-Sep-16 00:12:38

Yes tell LL, and if he says stick back on, then go ahead.

If they all do go, then he would have to sort it anyway, but until they do go, I wouldn't be surprised if nothing is done.

user1471734618 Mon 12-Sep-16 00:13:54

just stick it back on and if they all start falling off, tell your landlord.

birdladyfromhomealone Mon 12-Sep-16 00:29:33

My DH is a LL and we wish more of our tenants would just fix things themselves.
It would be a less than 5 min job but to get a contractor our would incur a call out fee and minimum cost per hour etc
Most contracts say the tenant needs to act in a tenant like way which includes basic maintenance of the property.

DeathStare Mon 12-Sep-16 00:33:53

Just phone your landlord and ask them if they'd like you to stick it back on.

Drowzeee Mon 12-Sep-16 00:39:00

YABU, it's not like your bathroom is falling down. It's one flippin' tile, just stick it back on.

iminshock Mon 12-Sep-16 00:41:30

Stick it back on

AbyssinianBanana Mon 12-Sep-16 00:42:57

Tell the landlord, take photos, document it. I lived in a flat once where the tiles were not properly installed (uneven) and broke when I dropped a cooking pan on the floor. Landlord blamed me for damage when I was moving out because I didn't say anything at the time of incident.

Don't do a diy job as the landlord can then claim you've made it worse and will need a professional to fix your attempt - and deduct you for it.

VioletBam Mon 12-Sep-16 01:04:59

Agree with calling LL and offering to stick it back on. We do basic DIY in our rented house and our LL has said she really appreciates it. Her last tenants would call her for a broken curtain rail!

It's give and take isn't it? I'd expect her to get something like a hole in the roof repaired...but minor things? If we can do it safely, then we do. If we need to buy something....fixtures etc. we tell her and she says deduct it from the rent and we send a picture of the receipt.

I know not all LLs are like that but we get on better for doing a bit to help.

Blacksheep78 Mon 12-Sep-16 01:17:30

As a LL, I would like to be advised of the problem, and would be REALLY happy if you were able to fix small things like one tile. If they all started lifting, then obviously I would get a professional out to see what needed to be done.

As a tenant, I have worked with the LL as VioletBam said previously.

One tenant used to call us when a leaf landed on the roof - yes, seriously, a leaf ffs. It landed and just sat there for 2 hours. Must have been a problem with the roof... So glad she was month to month right from the start.

LilQueenie Mon 12-Sep-16 01:31:22

tell the landlord asap. Mine did that and water leaked down the back meaning the walls had to be replaced. you dont want to be stuck with bigger problems by not mentioning it. They may be happy for you to do it yourself if you want but it is their responsibility.

londonrach Mon 12-Sep-16 01:43:23

Tell the ll

DaveMinion Mon 12-Sep-16 01:47:51

That's part of my worry abyssinian. I know it seems minor but it's about protecting our backs (and deposit) too.

Thanks for the replies. I will call the agent tomorrow and ask. Landlord is in Singapore so takes a couple of days to get answers about things. Will offer to do it though.

We have replaced curtain poles that fell down in the past so not neglecting things (the landlord knows and offered to reimburse us). Think I have just answered my own question there grin.

YelloDraw Mon 12-Sep-16 07:40:56

I would 100% want to know, and also you could mention the bathroom is getting very old and ask re plans to replace it...

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