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Am I unreasonable....

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calebsmummy Sat 03-Feb-07 07:41:48

....if I muttered a few choice words at DH when he thought it would be hilarious to leap onto the bed and tickle me last night? At 1.30 am! While I was asleep! And while I have a cold and am feeling grotty!

Or am I just a miserable cow?

whoopsfallenpregnantagain Sat 03-Feb-07 07:44:21

I'd be p'd off too!
dh did this to me the other night plus I'm not sleeping well as it is!
I nearly ended up on the sofa

calebsmummy Sat 03-Feb-07 07:48:07

Whoops!!!! Are you? I didn't know!!!!!

calebsmummy Sat 03-Feb-07 07:49:42


whoopsfallenpregnantagain Sat 03-Feb-07 07:50:17

oh yes but not everyone knows yet! not saying anything on the other site yet but a few know!

whoopsfallenpregnantagain Sat 03-Feb-07 07:50:58

just over 5 weeks so early days

calebsmummy Sat 03-Feb-07 07:51:14

My lips are sealed!!

auntymandy Sat 03-Feb-07 07:52:53

I'd probably be grumpy to start with, but would soon come round and enjoy the moment!!!

whoopsfallenpregnantagain Sat 03-Feb-07 07:53:48

Lol thanks calebsmummy!
Are you well (other than dh waking you up!)

calebsmummy Sat 03-Feb-07 07:59:44

I'm ok thanks Whoops. Tired but fine otherwise.

Auntymandy, you are a better woman than me then! I'm afraid leaping on me at that time in the morning, while I am unwell isn't going to get me going!!!

And I was up at 5.40 this morning <<<sigh>>>

NotQuiteCockney Sat 03-Feb-07 08:06:08

Ha ha. I would kill DH if he did this.

auntymandy Sat 03-Feb-07 08:08:08

My DH is often just coming to bed at that time due to work.
I am full of cold..still and 19 weeks pregnant, but would like a bit of attention!!!

calebsmummy Sat 03-Feb-07 15:50:22

Hee hee Well I didn't kill him! We are friends again now (not that he didn't realise we weren't) He apparently denies the tickling....but er I was there!!! Oh and the leaping onto the bed. Perhaps I dreamt it...or perhaps he'd had a few too many...will let you decide

Ok so I was a miserable cow, but a tired miserable one

Jubejube1 Thu 09-Nov-17 19:10:22

My god are you both 15 years old or something? 🤪

baffledcoconut Thu 09-Nov-17 22:06:56

No, but this thread nearly is ;)

MinervaSaidThar Thu 09-Nov-17 22:11:27

Gosh these unborn babies will be 9 now

ColinCreevy Thu 09-Nov-17 22:15:24

grin I love when someone revives a cadaver of a thread just to snark.

DonkeyOaty Thu 09-Nov-17 23:02:00

grin Colin.

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