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To think a 7 or 8 YO should not have access to snapchat/watsapp

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Ifonly4oneday Sun 11-Sep-16 07:14:48

I am looking for views on what age you feel appropriate for a girl/boy to have access to a smartphone/apps like snapchat/wats app.

I know I was concerned when my niece got her first iPhone at age 12 and an account on Facebook.(however FB account is monitored by parents, with her consent)

I can understand in some family situations, a parent may feel it is somewhat appropriate to give their child a phone (for emergencies/ contact when staying with friends/ other family members.) Which I do agree within reason. However, I don't feel that the apps above and others of a similar nature should be readily available to kids under 16. I realise that these days this is a bit unrealistic expecting a child to wait until they are 16 before using these apps. So, we will say age 12-14?

Opinions please?!

Sootica Sun 11-Sep-16 07:21:13

My daughter is nine and children in her class starting communicating on google hangouts last year. I think it's similar although happy to be corrected.
This year she has a Skype account to talk to me and only me and her DH when she's in the house on her own for up to a couple of hours (only more than an hour once in the summer holidays when I popped into work 5 mins walk away, usually just popping out)

No way is she chatting to friends out of school girls are so bitchy
Will be yr 7 before I allow a phone and I'm intending to be v strict about social chat out of school

Idratherbeaunicorn Sun 11-Sep-16 07:21:51

I completely agree - in my option, a child of 8/9 doesn't need access to things like snapchat etc. I think maybe getting a mobile phone when they go up to high school if they're getting a bus etc, but I would wonder about the content on things like snapchat etc!

missyB1 Sun 11-Sep-16 07:24:49

Crikey my 7 year old wouldn't have a clue what you are talking about! Mind you he doesn't own an Ipad or any kind of tablet or games console like lot of kids his age seem to. And a mobile phone? No chance!!

phillipp Sun 11-Sep-16 07:25:04

My 12 year old has what's app. Again monitored by me.

It's no different to I message so don't see the issue.

She also has a YouTube account and Instagram. All private, no videos or photos that show her face. It's all art based. The YouTube account is in my name, I monitor it. Instagram is locked down and her account is also logged on, on my account and monitored.

She isn't interested in snapchat. I am not a huge fan. Because it's difficult for parents to monitor (assuming it still works like it did 3 years ago when I briefly had it).

But whilst I wouldn't allow Dd to have it, I really think it's down to the parents.

I also never ever say that I would or wouldn't do something until my kids are a certain age. Until they are that age. People change their minds, things change and I don't think any parent can never say never. We all have plans, but you never know.

That's why I try not to judge other people's parenting choices. Try being the operative word grin

Ifonly4oneday Sun 11-Sep-16 07:27:41

Thank you for your comment. Well I don't even know what Google hangouts is but I assume it's of a similar nature to snapchat?? I'm starting to feel like my gran blush grin its like you say kids can't be horrible and is this not how bullying starts? However is it coming to an age that kids will be bullied for not having access to social media?

Ifonly4oneday Sun 11-Sep-16 07:37:08

grin Yes I agree, I TRY not to judge parenting choices as well as children are all of different, maturities, natures and backgrounds. To be honest I don't have much experience of these apps at all but there were kids at my sons party in Friday and a few were adding each other on snapchat, youngest being 7 and eldest being 13. (There both girls, and cousins) I was gobsmacked 7 YO had this, let alone a smart phone!confused

Poptart27 Sun 11-Sep-16 07:38:53

DD1 is 7 turning 8 and has snapchat. Her contacts include my sister, her babysitter, and a very good friend of mine. That's it. Her account is secure and I have no worries. She and my younger two kids think snapchat is great (but we only use the face changers!)

Poptart27 Sun 11-Sep-16 07:39:33

ETA. Dd1 has an iPad. No phones!!

ReadTheWholeFred Sun 11-Sep-16 07:43:08

My oldest is 10 and has a Snapchat account on my phone that she is allowed access to for a few minutes a day to keep in touch with cousins who live abroad.

She will probably get her own phone aged 11 when she goes to secondary school. She will commute alone on the Tube so needs it for contact in that time. I won't allow Insta, FB or Snap on that but WhatsApp is used to coordinate plans with friends at that age and I don't want her to be left out.

Ifonly4oneday Sun 11-Sep-16 07:43:22

I suppose it all depends on how educated the kids are on who they can add etc. It's great to see different views on this as I am clueless with a lot of the social media sites, just call me granny grin

phillipp Sun 11-Sep-16 07:47:25

Forgot to say Dd asked for her first iPhone at 10. She asked for it for Christmas and was going up to secondary the following September.

The iPhone 6 was out but she wanted the 4, so it was really cheap. So I had no issue .

The rule here though is that I can look at it at anytime, have all her pass idea. It's also registered under dhs Apple ID and synced to our I pad.

I didn't plan on her having a smart phone at 10, but thinking about it there was no real reason why she shouldn't have one.

If she wanted snap chat, I would have to take another look at it to see how it works and how to monitor who is sending her stuff and who she is sending it to. I honestly don't know if you can do that. If you can't I would want her having it even now.

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