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To be concerned about this situation?

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autumnoasis Sat 10-Sep-16 10:29:47

My best friend came to see me last night and she seemed a bit distracted and told me she's been asked for some money from her sister.

The thing is, her sister has five children and my friends BIL made it clear he wasn't happy after no3. I think he compromised with no4. Then after she was expecting no5 the marriage ended and according to friend it's coz he didn't want another child (and we both think he needs to get a vasectomy!)

Anyway they are now apparently trying to make it work. But he thinks she should get a job. She however wants another child! She wants the money for IVF.

AIBU to think it sounds like friends sister might have a bit of a problem? Borrowing thousands for a baby when they have five seems to indicate there might be a mental health problem ?

DerekSprechenZeDick Sat 10-Sep-16 10:30:45

Your best friend needs to tell her no and tell her why she's said no

goddessoftheharvest Sat 10-Sep-16 10:51:01

That does seem a bit confused

Your friend definitely needs to say no. Lots of people would like more babies but can't afford them, and her relationship seems far too insecure.

MidniteScribbler Sat 10-Sep-16 10:53:56

Your friend's sister can do what she wants. But there is no obligation on your friend to financially support those choices.

MinonsMovie Sat 10-Sep-16 11:00:02

I'm not sure what sort of mh problem that would be indicative of, but I agree that is very strange behaviour.
I've no advice, but it sounds like a very uncomfortable situation.

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