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To want to go totally 'clean eating'

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CapricornCalling Sat 10-Sep-16 10:27:54

I'm on a very strict calorie controlled diet at the moment. In a few months however, I would love to go on a diet consisting of just nuts, fresh fish, veg and fruit. I aim to cut out tea and coffee etc and just drink water.

When I tried this 'diet' back in 2013 - I felt so much more 'alive' . Yes, on one level it's boring - no tasty treats etc - but I want to feel healthier. Also my teeth have suffered over the years due to processed rubbish!

ftmsoon Sat 10-Sep-16 10:34:39

Eat what you want. hmm
I would suggest you watch the documentary on BBC iplayer though so you don't get ripped off or sucked in by unregulated people on the internet.

Claireshh Sat 10-Sep-16 10:37:30

Check out Louise Parker. Her book Lean for Life is very refreshing. Not faddy at all. You can see her on Instagram. Her 'clean' eating focussed on what to eat to be lean and strong. It's not all ancient grains and chia seeds!

SpookyPotato Sat 10-Sep-16 10:41:35

I always feel better when I eat clean, it feels like I'm giving my body what it wants... I include chicken too though. After a few weeks you get into it and it doesn't have to be boring, I use lots of spices for my meat and homemade dressings etc. I always look so fresh too!

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