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Maybe I should start a shit present TO dh thread!

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CrohnicallyAspie Fri 09-Sep-16 18:06:06

Think I've accidentally been a bit U.

It is DH's birthday today. We have agreed not to buy each other presents any more (except for significant birthdays) but to help our 3yo DD make/buy a present.

So DD wanted to give daddy a heart. I helped her decorate a polystyrene craft heart. She chose and wrote a card. And I picked up a small box of biscuits which DD chose. We made a birthday cake too, DD helped. In total I spent 3 afternoons with DD preparing things, total spend about a tenner.

Anyway, DH thinks the heart is a Christmas tree decoration, did not seem impressed by the biscuits (made a comment about saving the wrapping paper for next year, I said I wasn't that skint, he said 'are you sure? I got biscuits for my birthday!') and the cake turned out to be inedible.

So was I U to have made/bought those things for his birthday and should have done/spent more? Or was it a good idea and he is just rude and ungrateful?

Leonas Fri 09-Sep-16 19:58:53

YANBU - if you agreed to just giving something made by DD then he shouldn't complain! We agreed a spending limit (very low) last Xmas, just a wee gesture that DD could help to choose and I stuck to it. My DP only went shopping on Xmas eve (as usual), panicked and spent a fortune on me! I was very grateful but felt mean when he was opening his two pretty crappy novelty gifts, while muttering to myself about him not sticking to the plan!

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