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Would you return this?

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CoolToned Fri 09-Sep-16 07:46:53

So I bought a jacket from Boohoo and it has a defective zipper.

Boohoo told me to return the item and they will reimburse the shipping. I am in Australia.

The jacket costs $40. The return shipping with tracking will cost $67.

I checked Boohoo reviews and there are a lot of Aussie shoppers who got mad because the refund takes forever, months and months on end.

Would you return if you're me?

PixieMiss Fri 09-Sep-16 07:48:11

Is it fixable at a local cobblers?

If so, I would keep it.

Skittlesss Fri 09-Sep-16 07:49:11

Contact them and say you don't have the money to return it.

CoolToned Fri 09-Sep-16 08:09:40


Not sure. It looks so cheap and flimsy. Maybe not.


I'm worried I'd return it and instead of losing $40, I'd lose $40 + $67!

KoalaDownUnder Fri 09-Sep-16 08:14:13

Are you returning it to their South Australia returns centre? If so, how on earth can postage cost $67?!

KoalaDownUnder Fri 09-Sep-16 08:15:27

This address?

dementedpixie Fri 09-Sep-16 08:18:15

Returns for Australia:

Simply return your items to the following address within 30 days of the date on your dispatch note. Please note, that returns will be made at your own cost.

CAS Return Centre

You also can download an address label here.

Remember to add your order number if you download a new address label - this can be found in Order History in 'My Account'.)

CoolToned Fri 09-Sep-16 12:46:42

Oh I did not know there's an Australia Returns Centre. Weird because I told the customer service that shipping from Aus to UK costs $67 and they just answered they are going to cover it, and did not say anything about SA.

Thanks everyone!!! Super big help!!!

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