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AIBU to want a refund for a botched phone repair???

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reddotmum Thu 08-Sep-16 18:05:09

This has the potential to be a long boring story so I will try to be concise.

I have an iPhone 6plus and the touch screen although still working was becoming intermittently unresponsive. I felt I should take it to get it fixed before it died totally.

I took it to a local branch of a phone repair chain here where I live. The tech replaced the screen when I collected it it seemed to work I got home took out the phone to read emails and it was totally unresponsive to touch. Called the shop and went back to have yet another screen put on which was even worse. The phone never worked and the tech advised it needed to go to head office to the head tech. Posting could take 10
Days so I opted to drive the 15 miles across the city myself. Did this and he replaced the screen telling me the new screen was sound as he checked it on a new phone. When I got the phone back not only was it unresponsive but the finger recognition won't work and the phone won't turn on at all now.
AM I BEING UNREASONABLE TO expect a refund of the £90 I spent as my phone is worse now than when I took it in?

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