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to leave the cat in/under/round the back of the washing machine?

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DrSeuss Thu 08-Sep-16 14:13:49

We adopted a new cat just a couple of days ago. She is an adult cat, very shy but friendly when she gets to know you a bit. We put her in the utility room as it has a wipe clean floor, is secure (or so I thought) and went in regularly to see her. She has food, water, a bed and a litter tray. She spent all of day one hiding, most of day two as well and eventually came out for some tuna last night. I took her to sit with me on the sofa for a cuddle. First she ran and hid round the back of the sofa, then came and sat with me to be stroked.

I've just gone in to see her again and she is gone. The only place she can be is down the back of the washing machine. I don't know if she's behind it or what. Hopefully not in the actual machinery. DH won't be home for hours and there's no way I can move the washer myself. i tried sprinkling Dreamies near the gap. I tried turning the machine on for a few seconds thinking the noise might do it. Nothing.

Matters are complicated by the fact that I'm trying to build a 60th birthday cake right now. AIBU to go back to making a barbecue and Cumberland sausages out of sugar paste, since there is nothing more I can do right now?

Rosae Thu 08-Sep-16 14:19:05

If she got behind there then I expect she can get out when she wants to. I wouldn't turn it on tho as i think that could be terrifying and make her want to hide even more!

Jonsnowsghost Thu 08-Sep-16 14:19:29

A few days is only a short while so she will still be nervous of a new place, leave her to settle in she'll come round in her own time smile she will probably come out when you're asleep or away from the room later

Madinche1sea Thu 08-Sep-16 14:25:32

Hi don't worry! Cats prefer confined spaces and often in the most inconvenient places. As long as your house is secure and there's no other pets that might scare her, there's no need to shut her in the utility though. Keep the door open and eventually she'll get used to the sounds and smells and come out.

Just show her where the litter and food are and keep talking to her as much as possible. The move and new environment is exhausting and overwhelming for them.

We just got a kitten last Thu which we have to take to bed with us because we have two other cats already. He hid a few times in the first few days (for about an hour) but now rules the house! Gets me up at 4am to play confused

Maybe hold off on the laundry though!

Soubriquet Thu 08-Sep-16 14:27:29

Leave her where she is

If she can get in there she can get out and she probably feels a bit more secure

Obviously if you hear her meowing and it becomes obvious she's stuck, then do something

DrSeuss Thu 08-Sep-16 14:31:38

OK, I just have this vision of the woman from the cats' home ringing to find out how she is.
"Well, she's very clean!"

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