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AIBU to want him to stay in his job?

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ExTremelyWorried88 Wed 07-Sep-16 19:49:20

Hello ladies. I am feeling sick to the pit of my stomach. Long story short, lived in England due to job requirements, always wanted to move home. Finally able to 18 months ago, married 5 months and pregnant 14 weeks. We have been able to move back to my home town as DH secured a new job which he started 2 weeks ago. We have found a lovely new build and put down a holding deposit. I have just come home from solicitor signing building contracts etc for our new home. DH has now text me to say he isn't going back to his new job from tomorrow. We are dependant on him being in permanent position for mortgage as I am newly self employed. AIBU to want him to stay in this new job he detests? I just want him to stay until he has something else secured so we don't lose our house and regular income. I have cried my eyes out for the last hour. I want to support him but also have to think of all the implications?

LaurieMarlow Wed 07-Sep-16 19:52:04

Yep, sounds like he needs to give it a proper shot. 2 weeks is nothing.

What's his plan for housing if he leaves?

ExTremelyWorried88 Wed 07-Sep-16 19:59:54

Thanks for replying Laurie. His boss is really giving him a hard time, which I found so strange with it only being 2 weeks too. He is learning new skills and she seems to expect him to know how to do it all instantly. From his stories she is confrontational and quick tempered and DH is total opposite, very relaxed and laid back so it's not a good mix.
He is hoping he'll have secured a new job by the time we put our application in end of Oct. If not then he says we'll rent. I know that won't be the end of the world but I am a bit gutted that we will lose our own home especially with our first baby on the way.
I am feeling guilty as if the shoe were on the other foot I know he would tell me to walk out if I wasn't happy!

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