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To ask for your most shameful experience...

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Belle768 Wed 07-Sep-16 17:10:32

6 years ago I jilted my fiancé - not quite at the alter but very close to the day. I've never quite got over the shame of that experience as so many people were upset with me.

It's still something I recoil at the thought of and its not something that I ever talk about.

Anyone else have a skeleton in their closet that they keep to themselves because of shame? blush

KeepingSchtumNCforthisthread Wed 07-Sep-16 17:42:55

i was once matron of honour for best friend. She was pregnant soon after their wedding and when she was several months gone I was on a night out and ran in with her hubby. He tried it on with me and told me how much he always wanted to kiss me etc - needless to say I legged it but could never find the courage to tell her what a sleaze he is.

Now just have to pretend it never happened!

Yours isn't bad at all! I'm also divorced and would say that was far more humiliating than not getting married in the first place!

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