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To have done bugger all today

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sweatybettysweating Wed 07-Sep-16 14:17:05

Kids went back to school today. I have parked myself on the sofa and trawled the internet All day. My grand plans of cleaning the house and getting tea ready so that I can spend the afternoon listening to their school stories have all gone to pot.

GinAndOnIt Wed 07-Sep-16 14:18:33

Same here! Did take dog for a walk but only so he'd leave me in peace for the rest of the day grin

kissmethere Wed 07-Sep-16 15:27:47

Yep here too. I'm knackered. Done a bit if washing and am willing myself to hang it up. And it's hot here.

barnet Wed 07-Sep-16 15:30:17

Great. I suppose someone is funding your life? (Bitter)

wamoh Wed 07-Sep-16 15:36:37

Tour of Britain is on live on ITV2 today grin

I'm getting the guest room set up for my DM coming to stay. Then someone got to the washing line before me (shared flats) now I can't hang the bedding up. Write-off. Hope it rains.

Lj8893 Wed 07-Sep-16 15:37:20

Dd isn't school age and I had plans of doing something with her today but she's just wanted to watch tv and play Lego all day so I've sat and mumsnetted, although I have at least done the washing up!

PurpleDaisies Wed 07-Sep-16 15:37:41

Great. I suppose someone is funding your life? (Bitter)
Wow. Was that really necessary? hmm

PsychoSyd Wed 07-Sep-16 15:37:51

That's okay. I've done more than enough for you all today. It hung four loads of washing out, cleaned the bathroom, hoovered all of upstairs and the lounge, made some cheese straws for a picnic at the weekend and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. Phew!

Welshmaenad Wed 07-Sep-16 15:39:27

Nah, you're ok, I've done bugger all too (unless a nap is considered an achievement these days).

Oh, and barnet, DFOD.

Irelephant Wed 07-Sep-16 15:42:13

Someone is funding your life?


Op same it's too hot here (northeast) I've done the food shop and cleaned the kitchen. I would normally have a few drinks in the garden while DD's play but I'm doing that dry September thing.

blueturtle6 Wed 07-Sep-16 15:47:24

Hope you enjoyed day off smile. We all need a down day once in a while, and its very hot today.

Spudlet Wed 07-Sep-16 15:53:16

Sounds much more sensible than me. I took the bus into town to go to a baby showing of Finding Dory, assuming the cinema would have the air conditioning on. They did not. It was like sitting in the sauna!

Now I have to reload the boy into his pram and walk to the shop as I'm doing the Cancer Research 10,000 step challenge and I'm still 3,500 short today. Woe confused

sweatybettysweating Wed 07-Sep-16 16:02:25

Just to clarify barnet, I quite adequately fund myself and my household working almost full time around the kids, their activities and lives. Oh yeah, and hubby brings home a fantastic wage that I spend on shit and giggles.

FaithAscending Wed 07-Sep-16 16:17:47

We've had a lazy day too sweaty. DD (3) has upped her hours at pre-school since going back so she's shattered. I've worked two long days that were stupidly busy. I dropped the car into the garage and done some washing. DD has play-doeh and watched TV smile

NerrSnerr Wed 07-Sep-16 16:21:30

Having a bad day Barnet? I can't wait til I have school age children so I can have time in the day to do housework -- sit on my arse--. I do sometimes take annual leave while mine is at nursery so I can sit and watch CSI or Buffy all day.

Gottagetmoving Wed 07-Sep-16 16:28:41

People would be a lot happier if they had days when they sat on their arse and did nothing.
I hate it when people boast about how much they have done in a day...yeah, well done, who cares?

MissElizaBennettsBookmark Wed 07-Sep-16 16:37:33

Great. I suppose someone is funding your life? (Bitter)

Blimey Barnet. Bit of an assumption there? I'm freelance so my hours are up to me. As my DS has gone back to school, I've done naff all today... It's been great. Might do a bit of work tomorrow if I can be arsed. Depends if the sun is shining smile

Notmydolly Wed 07-Sep-16 16:42:36

Oh I thought it was just me! phew.

DD back at school so DS and I did nothing! He watched a lot of paw patrol and I half did some housework.... Hung the washing out, cleaned the kitchen, hoovered.

Didn't even get dressed till 11.30.

Next year when DS starts school I've booked a week off to sit on the sofa and watch TV!! I actually can't wait...

EttaJ Wed 07-Sep-16 16:46:12

Ditto , I've spent far longer online than I intended , not quite 1pm yet though so I shall pull it out of the this afternoon...possibly. Too hot here to sit outside though. AC on full blast.

Barnet explain? You want to be so rude, go ahead explain your rudeness

Irelephant Wed 07-Sep-16 17:51:23

I don't work. I get something stupid like 6p an hour to care for disabled DD.

House is full of widescreen tv's and the garden is abundant with goats.

Op you really don't have too explain yourself

Chottie Wed 07-Sep-16 17:56:43

I've had a lovely pottering sort of day too smile

I went to yoga class and then went to the wool shop and chose some wool for DGS's next jumper. I came home and did a bit of deadheading in the garden, picked some beans and tomatoes, watered the garden.

I then sat down and knitted and snoozed all afternoon smile

I think it's good for the soul to have an occasional day like this smile

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