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just to have a little moan.....

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noideawhattocallmyself Wed 07-Sep-16 13:05:51

I am having a shit week - let me moan here and feel sorry for myself then I'll kick myself in the bum and get back out there.

Been a really busy couple of weeks at work - I've been working late at night at home and trying to get in early to get everything done; DC's (3 of them) are back to school this week - eldest going into year 13 so starting to fret about Uni (and I'm starting to worry about her being away from home already - I know I know far to early to think about that smile ); middle into year 8 and youngest starting at a new junior school.
Mum has in the last 2 days been diagnosed with both breast cancer and macular degeneration - we've been at the hospital pretty much all week for various procedures. Still trying to keep on top of work; school run; housework - I'm feeling a bit frayed at the edges today - hoping I can keep it up for another week (then her treatments will start and we'll know where we are)
phew - feel better just for writing it down - please tell me that we'll get through this hectic time and with a kick up the backside I can get a flipping grip!!!

KittyandTeal Wed 07-Sep-16 13:09:14

I have no helpful advice but I just wanted to say that all sounds very overwhelming and really shit about your mum. I'm sorry she's get a rubbish diagnosis.

You will get through the next week, if for no other reason than you have to. It sounds like it's a tough week coming up though . winebrewcakeflowerschocolate

PJBanana Wed 07-Sep-16 13:47:23

You don't need a kick up the backside! You need brew & cake

Sorry to hear about your mum. Is there any chance of you getting away for a day out with her at some point?

You will get through it, although everything feels crap right now. Lean on anybody you can for support, and remember to look after yourself.

noideawhattocallmyself Mon 12-Sep-16 15:01:21

thank you both. I was feeling a little better and mum and I were both a bit more optimistic - deciding to get on and deal with it all. Her eye is responding to treatment thank goodness. However just got back from the hospital about the breast cancer; she need several scans and tests to see if it has spread (for some reason neither of us had considered this possibility); best case scenario is that is hasn't but she will still need a full mastectomy.
Bit of a shock and a lot to deal with, a few more weeks of waiting and hospital visits to go. fingers crossed I can hold it all together for her.

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