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Help from seasoned mums!!!!

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Confused54321 Wed 07-Sep-16 12:02:09

I have been with partner for a couple of years, he has a son aged 7. He has custody. Mum was neglectful and has no contact. He calls me mum. I have encouraged social interaction. He goes to rugby once a week, sees my nephew. My partner has nieces. He goes to a CM and is close to her kids. He has one boy from his class he has been playing with on minecraft via internet and going to each others houses over summer. This is where I'm baffled. The other mums in his class are ok, my partner talks more than me. But there are 4 who are cliquey. Their kids sit and play together. A couple of other kids join in their group as well. When I was at school parents left the kids to socialise themselves & just took and picked the kids up. S Son isn't very confident and can be quite rigid. He plays with these boys and in the mornings they are happy to see him. Do you think this cliquey ness will stop him having friends in the class? He is an only child and we are planning to try for a baby next year. I'm not ashamed to say I'm baffled by how territorial some parents are. And feel a bit daunted at inviting for tea. Partner isn't worried and I feel S son has good level of interaction with kids who like & care about him. Sorry for long post. Want to be positive for him as he has had a stressful start to life. Didn't know being a mum was so bloody worrying!!!!!!!!! Thx

FriedPisces Wed 07-Sep-16 12:35:37

I don't think the parents' cliqueyness will stop him being friends with them. I've found in our school that despite the parents being friendly with a certain group my kids will still make friends with their kids. I think it might make asking them for play dates or tea etc might be a bit more daunting but that might just be me, I have a bit of an aversion to cliques...

And yep, being a mum is annoyingly worrying sometimes!

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