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to be pissed at my groupmates?

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CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 02:23:11

We divided the parts last week. Submission is tonight.

One of our groupmates had a personal problem, so I offered to write her part. I asked her what his part is specifically and she said describe the **.

I made a mistake and wrote a part that was not her part, but belonged to another person. Now I swear I did not see the file on the drive when I looked yesterday, otherwise I would not have written it because, uhm, duh, more work?

Anyway I told this person we can just delete that part of my report. And then this person goes, I finished it on Saturday, and then goes "whatever...."

I don't understand the drama. We can just delete it surely?

CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 02:24:11

I meant I wrote the part of the groupmate who has a problem, and I also wrote a part that was not hers, it turns out.

Desmondo2016 Wed 07-Sep-16 02:27:29

Am I being thick? What's a groupmate and what parts are you writing. Is this a 'part 2' thread? It makes no sense.

Rumpelstiltskin143 Wed 07-Sep-16 02:36:14

So there's still a part that your supposed to have written that's missing?

CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 02:40:56

Rumpel - no, I wrote more parts than I should have written. I honestly made a mistake.

Desmondo - sorry, it's for a group report in uni.

TanteRose Wed 07-Sep-16 02:42:38

I asked her what his part is specifically and she said

not her part, but belonged to another person

I told this person

Who are you referring to in these sentences? Who is "her" "his", "another person" and "this person" ?

TanteRose Wed 07-Sep-16 02:45:21

also, someone saying "whatever" is drama? confused

CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 02:48:38

There are two people.

One has a personal problem and was not able to write her report.

Another wrote his repot, but I did not see the file and I really thought it was a task of the other person.

TanteRose - I think so. Isn't it?

yabvu Wed 07-Sep-16 02:48:52

and you're a candidate for a degree OP?

From what I understand, you duplicated work (while helping out a sick classmate). The third person said "whatever".

I don't really understand what they meant by "whatever".

CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 02:49:23

Sorry typo - "his" was a typo.

JellyPlum Wed 07-Sep-16 02:51:52

Also a bit confused. I don't see drama in what you posted but, I think, you wrote something for somebody that was struggling and they didn't seem fussed. Or they were being a bit PA. This person is also one that flips from one sex to another on a regular basis. Have I understood correctly?

JellyPlum Wed 07-Sep-16 02:53:02

Wait, I x-posted. You think "whatever" is drama. It really isn't!

CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 02:55:00

yabvu -

Yup, I am in uni. We are writing a group report. One person (p1) was not able to write his part because he has some personal problems. The deadline is looming is I offered to help. She told me what to write.

Now I made a mistake yes, I wrote more parts than I should have written but I honestly thought it was this person's part. And I also did not see any files except for one (which was another person's - 3rd person p3) file in the drive yesterday.

I said I was sorry, I did not see the file of p2 and that I thought it was a part of p1's report so I wrote it. And that we can just delete that part of my report and use p2's.

P2 said, I uploaded it on Saturday, whatever....and that I was too kind to write the part even though it was already finished.

I guess I'm just frustrated. I explained it was a mix up, and that I was sorry.

CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 02:56:01

JellyPlum - I don't know, that probably wasn't me who posted those threads? I don't remember posting those.

TanteRose Wed 07-Sep-16 02:59:03

to me, drama would be "OMFG, you did WHAT? you wrote someone else's part?? How COULD you? we are all DOOOOOOMED" <bursts into hysterical weeping>

CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 02:59:05

Sorry - typo again - "he" should be "she"

CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 03:00:49

TanteRose - ok, I mean because if I was p2, I'd just ask her (me) to delete it because I have already written it. But maybe it was not drama.

TanteRose Wed 07-Sep-16 03:02:45

OK so have you and your groupmates now got all the parts necessary for submission of this report?

<really wants to know what the report is about>

JellyPlum Wed 07-Sep-16 03:15:45

You don't remember posting what threads? I was only replying to what you wrote in the OP confused

I'm extremely confused now but the she changing to a he (or vice versa) appears to be a continuing theme. I'm not trying to be awkward but could you reiterate what actually happened?

If I'm the only one not getting it then feel free to tell me to fuck off and go to sleep!

CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 03:18:54

Oh sorry JellyPlum I thought you meant I posted other threads about people. Because afterwards you said cross posted. I misunderstood your post.

Sorry about my pronoun mistakes - please refer to the post where I named them p1, p2 and p3. Thanks.

CoolToned Wed 07-Sep-16 03:20:14

I was changing the genders so it's not too apparent (in case they're here on MN but I doubt) that's why I made a lot of pronoun mistakes. Sorry.

TanteRose Wed 07-Sep-16 03:25:17

Sweetie, I would bet a hundred quid they are not on MN.

In the nicest possible way, you are over thinking this (whatever "this" is). There is no drama, they are not pissing you off (or they are not doing it intentionally).
In future, just write your own part for these group reports.

Hope you get it submitted on time smile

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Wed 07-Sep-16 03:29:34

I was confused too and it's not even the middle of the night here. grin

OP i think tone of voice is important with "whatever". Do you think your group mate was pissed off with you, maybe (incorrectly) being insulted that you wrote his/her (sorry still confused) part thereby insinuating you thought he/she wouldn't do it, or would do a Rubbish job?

Just as an aside I appear to be stalking Jelly across the boards tonight.

JellyPlum Wed 07-Sep-16 03:39:18

I'm sorry OP, I feel like I'm just a bit thick but I didn't understand the P1, P2, P3 either. I will re-read in the morning though in case it is just my middle of the night brain!

Hearts stop stalking me woman grin actually, no, carry on. I feel special!

agentmarmalade Wed 07-Sep-16 03:42:12

Sorry Cooltoned but the whole story makes very little sense and I'm not normally prickly but you could have proofread the whole post so that it's understandable. (It's a must when you are at university)

I wish you all the best of success at uni and with the submission of this group report. Communication is probably key when working with groups of people, written or verbal.

try not to worry about the "whatever" comment made by your fellow student. You can always steal their stapler later and set it in a big cube of jelly as revenge for their perceived rudeness.

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