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to not have them anymore?

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OneTwoBrieFourFive Mon 05-Sep-16 22:45:36

SIL has a DS 4 years older than mine, and isn't planning more. When I was pregnant she gave us some baby clothes and bits that they were done with. A couple of things she said were on loan as they have sentimental value, and I asked if there was anything else she wanted returned, and she said no. I didn't use the things she wanted back as I thought it wasn't worth the risk of damaging them, just kept them separate. DH just got off the phone with her and she's said she's having a clearout of the loft and selling a bunch of stuff on eBay, so could she have what we're not currently using back.

I now have to go through everything - when DS grew out of the clothes I boxed them with all his other stuff as we hope to have more DC soon (he's nearly 1). Not the biggest job in the world but a bit of a faff. TBH if she'd said she was just lending them, I wouldn't have used them as it's too much to worry about keeping things in a state they could be given back in. From what DH said he's pretty sure she'd like me to go through the stuff he hasn't used yet and send anything I don't think we'll use as well, rather than waiting to see if it comes in handy. He's between sizes so he's really only using 1 pair of trousers and a couple of t shirts at the moment.

The things I've passed on aren't all clothes so some bits would be in constant use for a while, rather than grown out of in a couple of months. If I tell her I've passed it on I think she will ask me to ask for it back and I'm embarrassed to ask my friend to return it, but DH doesn't want to tell SIL that we're using them still as we'll have to keep up the lie. Which is the most unreasonable course of action?

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