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To take DD to the GP tomorrow? Not sure they can help...

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MaddyHatter Sun 04-Sep-16 20:39:17

Last night my 7yo DD decided to stuff play doh in both of her ears.

I took her to A&E and its well shoved down both ears. They couldn't do anything last night as the equipment needed (microscope apparently) wasn't available.

They made an appt for her to go back Friday morning to get it removed, if that fails, they've said she'll have to have it done under GA.

With this stuff being in her ears for a week, i've been put on infection watch, and told to take her back sooner if there are problems.

She's already complaining her ears are hurting, but i'm not sure if its just because she's aware of the fact this modelling dough is still stuck down her ear canals.

bingisthebest Sun 04-Sep-16 20:41:47

I would take her to get checked out if she's complaining of discomfort just to be on the safe side.
Main things to look for are severe pain and temperature symptoms. But def ok to get her checked if she's saying it's hurting more although it might just be like you say.

brotherhoodofspam Sun 04-Sep-16 20:42:32

It's unlikely her GP will be able to get it out if A&E can't so unless she's developing a temperature or the pain is worsening which would both be signs of infection, I'd probably just wait till Friday.

Doggity Sun 04-Sep-16 20:42:54

Blimey, kids do ridiculous things, don't they?!
I don't know if the surgery would have the right equipment. Could you phone first?

Fluffsnuts Sun 04-Sep-16 20:43:06

Signs of infection are redness, swelling of the area, fever (usually with chills and a headache). Pain could be due to swelling which could be infection or just reaction to the playdough pushing in her ears.

Hassled Sun 04-Sep-16 20:44:38

Ooh poor girl - that sounds hideous. But I don't understand how they'll be able to see if there's an infection in the ear if there's play dough in the way (not a medic). A week sounds like a hell of long time to have to wait - but if a visit to the GP might potentially speed the removal up then it has to be worth it.

Omgkitties Sun 04-Sep-16 20:49:20

Poor love!

Does she have to go to school with play doh in her ear then?! confused

RunningLulu Sun 04-Sep-16 20:51:03

I'd take her to the GP. Infections can get serious quite quickly.

LetsJunglyJumpToIt Sun 04-Sep-16 20:51:24

This really isn't the sort of thing a GP should be going near, only an ENT doctor. I'm a children's nurse and have seen all sorts of things shoved in ears and up noses.

MaddyHatter Sun 04-Sep-16 21:11:03

OMG, yes, she doesn't want me to tell the teachers what she did, but i have to because they need to make sure she's not wiggling her fingers in her ears!

MaddyHatter Sun 04-Sep-16 21:12:03

Lets, it was more to get them to check to see if they think it is an infection because then they can emergency refer us back to the clinic at hospital without having ot go via A&E again.

3luckystars Sun 04-Sep-16 21:37:15

That's shocking, leaving a child for a week with stuff in her ears. will the microscope be available tomorrow? I wouldn't send her to school like that.

That is awful.

3luckystars Sun 04-Sep-16 21:39:06

Awful that they sent her away, and you are in this position. Not awful that she did it. My friend used to stick sponges up her nose, she did it loads of times.

LadySpratt Sun 04-Sep-16 21:49:03

I'm no ENT surgeon, but did I understand you correctly that A&E will see you on Friday? It seems like a long time to wait. Can't your GP just refer you to ENT as an emergency tomorrow? That's what I'd do, especially if she's saying her ears hurt. I wouldn't wait until all the cardinal signs of an infection are there, eg a temperature.

MaddyHatter Sun 04-Sep-16 22:22:01

its something called the Rapid Access Clinic we're being sent to in the hospital on Friday morning, it was the first appt apparently. confused

i did ask if nothing could be done sooner, but the Dr just said she didnt have access to the equipment, and it needed at least 45 mins if she co-operated in the clinic to get it out properly.

bingisthebest Sun 04-Sep-16 22:54:28

Yes should definitely try to get seen sooner than Friday. I would see th GP to ask for urgent ENT referral.

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