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To ask him to stop biting his fork

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anicesitdownandshutup Sun 04-Sep-16 20:12:35

DH has a habit of biting his fork when eating. Usually at the start of a meal when the food is hot. Spag bol today and he bit his fork mostly through the meal.
I've asked him before not to do this and things were ok for a while but notice that it's really bad again.
Not sure if everyone does this - can't say that I've never done it. I think that I probably have a touch of misophonia anyway.
I can ask him again but feel like a nag. Don't understand why you would eat like this. Does everyone do this?

PurpleDaisies Sun 04-Sep-16 20:13:51

It makes me feel sick just thinking about it. I'd have to say something.

BennyTheBall Sun 04-Sep-16 20:15:05


I would kill him.

Soubriquet Sun 04-Sep-16 20:16:24

That's making my back go all cringey

Olddear Sun 04-Sep-16 20:18:45

Euww....I'd impale him on it.

BodsAuntieFlo Sun 04-Sep-16 20:20:33

No, not everyone eats like that. I'd have said something. Eww teeth clanging on a fork angry there's no need. If his food is too hot then he should leave it to cool.

ProfYaffle Sun 04-Sep-16 20:27:21

Christ on a bike, just reading that makes me shudder.



george1020 Sun 04-Sep-16 20:31:32

My DH does this also but with spoons! It drives me fucking spare it is horrible when he eats cereal or soup. Spoon hits his teeth on the way in then he grabs it with his teeth with makes a clunk noise.
Sorry OP I do have sympathy but am also glad it's not just my DH!

TroysMammy Sun 04-Sep-16 20:33:39

Plastic. Give him plastic cutlery then he can cut his tongue when he bites down.

anicesitdownandshutup Sun 04-Sep-16 20:33:56

He doesn't actually do it with spoons.
I used to work with someone and when he had cereal at his desk, beside me, I'd leave the room. Lots of spoon biting and diving at the food.
That's why I thought that it was me being picky, rather than DH being annoying.

TronaldDump Sun 04-Sep-16 20:37:23

Oh my god this drives me crazy! Shout 'FORK TEETH!!!!' Every time he does it and he'll stop sharpish. Worked a treat for me.

george1020 Sun 04-Sep-16 20:37:44

It's awful I have tried the 'just imagine what you are doing to your tooth enamel' moan which works for a bit then back to old habits! I am watching your thread with interest for any tips!! (Or how to hide the body)

peppatax Sun 04-Sep-16 20:38:25

If he's done this at the beginning he'd be ex and not DH in my world. No no no.

bumbleymummy Sun 04-Sep-16 20:49:34

Yanbu! I work with a guy that does this. angry

MonsterINTHECupboard Sun 04-Sep-16 20:52:46

Cutlery and teeth just makes me shiver. I'm covered in goosebumps just reading this. Teeth and cutlery should never meet. Nor should cutlery touch cutlery too much!

Wolfiefan Sun 04-Sep-16 20:57:35

Give him plastic cutlery. Or give him only food he can eat with his fingers. If he doesn't do it with a spoon would he do it with a spork?! grin

iklboo Sun 04-Sep-16 21:00:12

DH does this with spoons - a la Gregg Wallace. After a couple of mouthfuls I usually end up shouting 'STOP CLACKING YOUR FUCKING SPOON' (without expletive if DS is around).

clearingaspaceforthecat Sun 04-Sep-16 21:01:27

I went all shivery just reading the title of your post!
He needs to stop doing it!

peppatax Sun 04-Sep-16 21:03:56

Good point - we're now exclusively plastic or wooden chez peppatax

ParisienneRose Mon 05-Sep-16 18:45:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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