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to be annoyed about the end of the scool holidays?

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maxpower Fri 02-Sep-16 21:03:14

Only because I'm so sick of listening to and reading fb posts about all the poor teachers who are having to go back to work after 6 weeks off. There are many workers who don't get 6 weeks holiday for a whole a year never mind in one go. I've just read some drivel on fb about how - while I'm 'watching tv' - some self sacrificing teacher is writing a lesson plan to benefit my child. This the post stressed is unpaid. Oh woe is s/he. How about the 5+ unpaid hours I worked this week over and above the full time job I do? Oh and just to clarify, when I got home from work I spent an hour coaching my daughter for school entrance exams, when I discovered that all the amazing teachers she's had have not taught her about calculations involving 'parts' or indeed how to work out the area of a triangle.

So forgive me if I don't lament over how tough it is to have to go back to work (where the rest of us have been all summer long).

cardibach Fri 02-Sep-16 21:14:03

Really? I'm so over explaining teachers' contracts.
It's not a private club. If you think the terms and conditions are so favourable, be a teacher. No? Thought not.

ghostyslovesheep Fri 02-Sep-16 21:16:06

yes - go into teaching if you think it's such a piss easy job!

ilovesooty Fri 02-Sep-16 21:16:15

For fuck's sake. Train to be a teacher if you think it's cushy and you could do it better.

fruityb Fri 02-Sep-16 21:19:35

Ditto above. I won't talk about how much work and stress teachers have over holidays as you probably don't care. Nor will I apologise for what comes with the job.

If it's easier and you're far better at it then go train and show us all how it's done!

TheFallenMadonna Fri 02-Sep-16 21:21:44

I go back on Monday, after 7 glorious weeks. The holidays are a massive perk of teaching. Recruitment crisis in Maths...

CrohnicallyAspie Fri 02-Sep-16 21:21:45

Am I allowed to complain about going back to work on Monday? Please?After all, I'm not a teacher, I'm support staff.

I didn't get 6 weeks holiday. (It was 5 1/2 anyway). I was technically unemployed for that time- I get no more holidays than other workers; I am employed for 39 weeks a year and get paid for 4 weeks holiday.

But of course, I am not allowed to take holidays (or time off for my nanny's funeral) during term time.

And then I went and spent a precious day of my free time (not holiday, remember) going into work anyway, because if I didn't, it would be the kids that missed out on stuff.

Flossyfloof Fri 02-Sep-16 21:22:34

Those that can, do, those that can't, teach. Surely everyone knows that?

clam Fri 02-Sep-16 21:22:53


TheFallenMadonna Fri 02-Sep-16 21:22:55

Oh, I have done no work in those 7 weeks.

neveradullmoment99 Fri 02-Sep-16 21:22:57

For fuck's sake. Train to be a teacher if you think it's cushy and you could do it better.

Well said.

Lilly948204 Fri 02-Sep-16 21:23:50

If it's so easy with such brilliant holidays why do 50% of teachers quit within 5 years?

And that doesn't count the teachers who quit while doing their teacher training. Out of the 13 I started with 5 trainee teachers quit during that year despite getting bursaries of up to £25,000 tax free!

You can say what you like but if it was such a brilliant and easy job then they would have no trouble with teacher shortages nationwide - which they do!!

maxpower Fri 02-Sep-16 21:25:58

Interesting. And what would you say if I told you I was a teacher previously? (I was) My point wasn't to say teachers have it easy when they're working, it's the multiple references which seem to suggest I should be sad for them that they are going back to work after a nice long break or indeed that doing a job other than teaching is somehow easier. It's not. All sorts of jobs are tough, stressful, draining (physically and emotionally) and involve long hours and unpaid overtime.

TruJay Fri 02-Sep-16 21:26:18

I can't wait to qualify and start receiving all these wonderful comments hmm

It always really annoys me how little people think of teachers and/or those in childcare provision and how it's fine how they get paid a crappy wage in some cases as they're just school drop outs who just look after people's kids because it easy yet you're happy to leave the most precious things in your lives, your children, with them all day long confused

Thegiantofillinois Fri 02-Sep-16 21:27:00

I have warned my small children that horrible, snappy mum is back on Monday. The summer is the only time I actually relax (apart from the 2 exam result weeks when I'm on pins). Even working at home is nice in the summer, when i have time to think properly.

In fact, I should just direct dh to this thread, as everyone suffers when it's term time.

Jaimx86 Fri 02-Sep-16 21:27:24

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

PaulAnkaTheDog Fri 02-Sep-16 21:28:41

Oh fuck off. I'm not a teacher but your post is really quite insulting to them. You teach a class of 29 and get them to the level you deem acceptable, I know I couldn't manage it.

TheFallenMadonna Fri 02-Sep-16 21:29:00

I don't expect any one to feel sorry for me going back after a 7 week holiday. That would be ridiculous! I'm quite looking forward to it really.

Colchestergal Fri 02-Sep-16 21:29:39

You sound delightful!

How nice it must be to be so judgmental about others hmm

maxpower Fri 02-Sep-16 21:30:34

Jaime nice. Attack the ability of a child who you don't know. By all means have a pop at me but leave her out of it. Not that I know if you're a teacher but I hope not with that attitude.

Thegiantofillinois Fri 02-Sep-16 21:31:24

Who's had 7 weeks off? I've had 6 and one day. I fear I may be being diddled.

Jaimx86 Fri 02-Sep-16 21:32:23

Max, I believe you brought her into it to support your argument...

maxpower Fri 02-Sep-16 21:32:45

Trujay you've missed the point. I'm not belittling teachers. I think they do an extremely important job. They just shouldn't expect me to feel bad that they've got to go back to work.

Evenstar Fri 02-Sep-16 21:34:37

I work in Early Years and not even full time, but even I have had work to do over the holidays, I bought and read a book to try and help us deal with a child with specific behaviour issues. I drove a car load of toys and craft materials over to my boss today. I have used my own time and petrol collecting them, and have washed and sorted them. I can't imagine how much time full time teachers have spent preparing lessons and materials for their pupils. YABVU to have such a lack of appreciation of all that teachers do for our children.

PopFizz Fri 02-Sep-16 21:35:03

I had five weeks and 3 days. Definitely short straw here.

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