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To be worried that my surgery will be cancelled.

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WordsAreWind Fri 02-Sep-16 20:53:24

I'm due to have my Gallbladder removed and at the same time have a Diagnostic Laparoscopy the week the Junior Doctors will be striking.

I'm miserable with all the problems i'm having and one shining light was getting my surgery date. Now i'm worried i'm going to have to wait months if these strikes go on as planned.

CharleyDavidson Fri 02-Sep-16 21:26:41

I'm sorry to say that even without Junior doctor's strikes, surgeries get cancelled all the time.

I was due to have my hip operated on in April last year. I got through pre-op checks and questions and even had the paper knickers on and the writing/arrow on my leg when the surgeon then came through, sat down on the bed and explained that the operation had been cancelled. All because there had been a lot of emergency admissions the night before and therefore there was no room on the ward for me post op.

One saving grace though is that they explained that as I'd been cancelled, I was a priority to be done and I was offered a date 4 weeks later (the particular surgeon only operates one day a month out of our hospital) and when I couldn't accept that date due to a booked holiday, I had the date 4 weeks later again.

That time all went well and the op went ahead.

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