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AIBU to feel annoyed by my brother?

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Keepcalmanddrinktea Fri 02-Sep-16 19:55:01

...long story...psychologically abusive father...both parents dying of cancer young (my brother and I both cared for them at the best of our young ages) - my brother literally sell off my mother's belongings (last one to die) without respecting my wishes (he just needed the money) so all my memories from university etc are gone in the bin (I live abroad) - fast forward 15 years, we do not talk much, I talk to his daughter, my lovely niece who I hope will be able to visit us soon - he has not even bother to visit me when my daughter was born but visit regularly my cousins who I literally loath as they treated us like scum for years (we educated they not hence the agonising jealousy) and did not give a monkey about my mum/dad dying....he puts things up in Facebook and so does his wife who literally does not talk to me unless is Christmas and she feels she has to - there are always 2 sides of a medal but I am still crying inside for him chucking away all my childhood belongings and my mums stuff and selling the house without my consent! I feel he still owns me an apology and should have make an effort to come visit me at least one to meet his niece (she is 5) - I have to say that as a revenge, I have not been to our childhood town where he lives since I got married!
Fire away, AIBU?

RaggyDoll1 Fri 02-Sep-16 20:17:14

how can he sell the house without asking you, wasn't it in both your names.
Also maybe he can't afford to come and visit you.

it sounds like this is eating you up more than him, you not visiting your home town is hardly revenge.

so what if he visits your cousins, just because you don't like them doesn't mean he has to.

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