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no tooth fairy?

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YokoWakarimasen Fri 02-Sep-16 18:19:36

every time dd loses a tooth she messes about with it. She has a box to put it in but always takes it out. On several occasions we have had to hunt through carpet for teeth.

she had a tooth fall out at school today. she took it out when she got home to show her dad and now can't find it. She immediately blamed me but I haven't even seen it never mind touched it!

wibu to say the tooth fairy won't come? or should she write a letter explaining?

dd is 6 btw!

harderandharder2breathe Fri 02-Sep-16 18:21:19

Aw write a letter, if only so you can keep it to laugh about in years to come

m0therofdragons Fri 02-Sep-16 18:22:44

I was terrified at the thought of someone (tooth fairy) being in my room when i slept. I would try but end up getting upset so my parents said she won't come if I didn't put my tooth out. I was fine with that. My brother happily and smugly got his tooth money but I never did.

donkir Fri 02-Sep-16 18:25:44

There is a great Charlie and Lola story where Lola loses her tooth and then drops it down the sink. Charlie tells Lola that if she goes to bed thinking happy thoughts then she will smile in her sleep and the tooth fairy will see she's lost a tooth.

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Fri 02-Sep-16 18:26:10

Be careful with letters!! Start the way you intend to go on!! My dd leaves full A4 letters with cards / pictures and the odd sweet!! Tooth fairy is expected to leave replies and it's getting harder to disguise my writing!! Dd is 9!! Dd 10 lost one a few days ago but didn't say just put it in the fairy pillow - she told me no money and I had to say she was prob still on holiday!! Getting complex in our house!!

YokoWakarimasen Fri 02-Sep-16 19:32:55

ok, she wrote a letter. so sick of her losing teeth! I had considered a reply saying be more careful but perhaps not!

Me624 Fri 02-Sep-16 19:33:41

I didn't lose my first day tooth until I was 7 and I lost it! In fact I think I swallowed it at lunch! I was so upset that the tooth fairy might not come, let her write a letter explaining - that's what I did and the tooth fairy still left me money!

wornoutboots Fri 02-Sep-16 19:35:56

My 6 year old has a wobbly tooth - his first.
I said to make sure he brings it home if it comes out at school "so we can leave it for the tooth fairy!"
"maaaa-aaaaaam! I know there's no tooth fairy. It's not real. I am six, you know!"

I told him to not tell the other kids that.

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