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Neighbour just came round and demanded I get rid of my chickens!!

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ReallyReallyNearly Fri 02-Sep-16 12:26:16

I have to say I was left a gobsmacked. A corner of her garden touches the corner of ours, then we have neighbours along one long fence, with the two other fences backing onto fields so it is quite a rural location in a small village.
We put chickens in the bottom of the garden, they are quiet, content and happy. They are well fenced in, looked after, etc. The problem is her dog tends to bark at the fence a lot - it is a 6ft high panel fence. Now it did this before whenever we are in garden, children playing etc and now also barks at the chickens. The lady doesn't seem to call it off or take it in; and often leaves it barking for an hour or so.
She turned up at our door (I had never met her before this point!!) being really quite rude, demanding I get rid of the chickens as it was upsetting her dog, I barely got a word in. I wanted to suggest that maybe we move them to the other side of the garden so not to worry her dog, but really just couldn't her to be quiet long enough. Also I wanted to say that EVERYTHING upsets her dog and I hear it barking all the bloomin time - but I didn't. I just ended it by saying I'd talk to my husband.
What do I do??? I don't want a neighbour dispute but I want to keep our chickens - I fear moving them won't solve the problem.

MintyGlint Fri 02-Sep-16 12:28:08

I believe the words "fuck" and "off" are what you're looking for.

Are the chickens safe? Any danger of her dog getting to them?

Boogers Fri 02-Sep-16 12:29:40

"Erm, no. YOU stop your dog's incessant barking and then we'll talk." That's what you say and leave it at that.

Sparkletastic Fri 02-Sep-16 12:30:54

Go round to hers. Say you've thought about it and you won't be getting rid of your chickens but she might think about either training or rehoming her dog as the barking is destroying your peaceful enjoyment of your garden.

Ratley Fri 02-Sep-16 12:31:13

Well whilst she can't make you get rid of her chickens. I can sympathize with her, we live on a 1930s housing estate, two houses have chickens. They are so noisy, one of the houses has a cockerel which I think takes the mick a bit I'm a row of terraces.
I'd never ask someone to get rid of them, I do hope my cat chooses its loo carefully though.

wowfudge Fri 02-Sep-16 12:31:49

Go round and tell her you have thought about what she said, etc. When her dog inevitably barks when you ring the bell, stand their chatting, etc tell her you have put up with the dog's barking in the interests of being neighbourly, but now you feel she should know what it has been like for you and your family.

Offer to move the chickens to the other side of the garden, but tell her you won't be getting rid of them just as you wouldn't expect her to get rid of her poorly trained, annoying dog.

JustAnotherPoster00 Fri 02-Sep-16 12:33:58

I believe the words "fuck" and "off" are what you're looking for.



notasausage Fri 02-Sep-16 12:34:18

What MintyGlint said^^

Enjoy your chickens and ignore her. Alternatively, get a cockerel to give her something to really complain about!

Skittlesss Fri 02-Sep-16 12:35:30

One of the houses on my little cul-de-sac keeps chickens. Whilst they are slightly annoying early in the morning it's just for a short time as they don't make noise for too long and I would never dream of telling them to get rid. I think they keep a duck as well...or do chickens make a noise that sounds duck-ish? Haha

PikachuSayBoo Fri 02-Sep-16 12:39:41

Tell her to get rid of the dog!

TeddyBee Fri 02-Sep-16 12:41:33

Oh dear Skittlesss - do you live on my teeny cul-de-sac? We have chickens and a duck and they are a bit noisy at egg laying time. But they're quiet for 23.75 hours a day. Unlike my three children....

shinynewusername Fri 02-Sep-16 12:41:42

My dog barks when our neighbours have the temerity to get in their car. I shall demand that they become recluses and never leave the house smile


scarednoob Fri 02-Sep-16 12:42:44

Laminate this and post it through her door...

Ok, not really. But it's her with the problem. Not you!

shinynewusername Fri 02-Sep-16 12:43:24

Alternatively, get a cockerel to give her something to really complain about!

Or a peacock grin

Oldraver Fri 02-Sep-16 12:43:34

I would go round there, bang on her door, and tell her she must get rid of her dog as it is incessantly barking at your chickens and stopping them from laying...

Well in me had I would, but IRL...just ignor her

Oldraver Fri 02-Sep-16 12:43:56


Willow2016 Fri 02-Sep-16 12:44:57

Meh, just tell her that unless she sorts out her bloody annoying untrained dog you will be the one to take up a complaint with the council/housing association about the noise smile

If you get any more hassle default to what Mintyglint said.

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 02-Sep-16 12:45:19

I was going to say YABU but changed my mind reading the thread. Chickens in a suburban environment can be antisocial, however it does sound as if it is more of a country environment and her pet is at least, if not more, antisocial even if it is a more "normal" pet.

emilybrontescorset Fri 02-Sep-16 12:46:06

I second what minty glint says.

bloodyteenagers Fri 02-Sep-16 12:46:46

When she comes back -
As promised I talked to my husband. We have decided that we are keeping the chickens, and here is a list of local trainers in the area. It's your dog that is the problem considering it barks at the wind, it's shadow, the invisible fence people and everything else.

Hand her her the list and close the door.

Bigfatnope Fri 02-Sep-16 12:46:53

Ignore and if she comes back smile sweetly and say 'have you considered getting rid of your dog?" When she replies 'are you mad' say "obviously as mad as you to ask that then" abd shut the door smile

On an honest is her problem, some people really think the world is theirs....

Bigfatnope Fri 02-Sep-16 12:47:16

To add- yanbu to tell her to fuck off!

As Minty said.

I don't think moving the chickens would make any difference to the dog... it knows they are there and will bark anyway.

baringan Fri 02-Sep-16 12:48:19

I'd tut about it over a glass of wine with dh and then do precisely nothing smile

shovetheholly Fri 02-Sep-16 12:48:32

What the hell is wrong with people these days?! The level of entitlement is staggering.

You sound so reasonable, OP. I'm so sorry you have a batshit insane neighbour.

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