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To go to the barbers for a haircut?

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StiffLittleFinger Fri 02-Sep-16 10:17:16

I have long hair with an undercut, obviously the undercut grows in quickly and needs touching up every couple of weeks. So far I've either made an appointment or managed to talk a friend into doing it with the clippers but it dawned on me today that it might be worth nipping into the barber shop to have this done. Friend doesn't do the neatest job and it seems stupid to make an appointment for something that takes about two minutes to do.

Is it poor form for a woman to go to the barber shop?

user1471443957 Fri 02-Sep-16 10:59:21

Nope it's fine. Will be cheap too. Or find a hairdresser who will zap the undercut for free between proper cuts. I get my fringe trimmed for free between cuts and that pRob ably takes longer than rubeing the clippers over.

Soubriquet Fri 02-Sep-16 11:01:36

Why not?

KayTee87 Fri 02-Sep-16 11:02:55

Don't see what the problem would be, plenty men go to hairdressers instead of the barber.

StiffLittleFinger Fri 02-Sep-16 11:14:14

I just wasn't sure what the etiquette was- when I first got my undercut I went to a barber to have a design shaved into it as the hairdresser wasn't confident doing it and he didn't seem too pleased

HoneyDragon Fri 02-Sep-16 11:18:09

If you want a design you need to find a barber that does them regularly. Like hairdressers they have different skills.

I get my hair done at the barbers regularly (undercut) they do the top too as well. No issue. However there are only one or two that will do designs at my local. If I want something fancy I need to go to my nearest large town.

TaterTots Fri 02-Sep-16 11:36:10

I don't know where you live, but there's a chain in central London called Mr Toppers that will do this for about £6. It's a barber-style place, but actively advertises as unisex.

StiffLittleFinger Fri 02-Sep-16 11:37:02

It was only the first time I went that I had a design done, it was a local barber who does them regularly going by the pictures on his facebook page.

Now I just have a bog standard shave.

BoneyBackJefferson Fri 02-Sep-16 11:42:08

It depends on the barber, some won't cut women's hair.

Notasinglefuckwasgiven Fri 02-Sep-16 12:12:03

Do it! It's a barber I use. Fantastic.

StiffLittleFinger Sun 04-Sep-16 18:17:18

Invested in clippers instead- can do my own now! Thanks for the input everyone!

BoneyBackJefferson Sun 04-Sep-16 18:41:15


Just a pointer for clipping, (not knowing which make/model you have bought), buy a model with replacement guides.

I know that it sounds simple but it will save you alot of money as its not the clippers that go wrong but the slides that wear.

Apologies if you have already thought about it.

Ameliablue Sun 04-Sep-16 18:43:03

Our local won't do females no matter what they need done.

pinkmagic1 Sun 04-Sep-16 18:46:40

I have used a barber to have my eyebrows threaded a few times. Much cheaper, no need to book and he has made a fantastic job. No harm in asking.

StiffLittleFinger Mon 05-Sep-16 00:27:55

Thanks Boney I never thought of that, the ones I bought were only £9 and I'm not sure if you can buy replacement guides. If I get on well with them I don't mind having to replace the whole thing, a tenner would have only got me two shots at the hairdressers anyway so I'll still save money!

FeedMeAndTellMeImPretty Mon 05-Sep-16 01:06:05

I've asked at a barbers twice and they both said they couldn't do women's hair angry

One of them even had a woman sat in the chair as he said it!

Ginkypig Mon 05-Sep-16 01:13:16

My dp's won't do women, he said he wouldn't mind but his business is aimed at men and if someone comes in when I'm in the chair hel end up with loads asking so it not worth the hassle.

minipin Mon 05-Sep-16 01:15:18

I go to the barber! It is soo much cheaper and less hassle and they are super precise! I do have v short hair though.

phillipp Mon 05-Sep-16 05:50:50

I used to have my hair similar and didn't go a barbershop. However I used to have mine done at the same time it was coloured and not trimmed inbetween.

But where I take Ds for his hair cutting, has loads of women in for similar things. We do have a couple of barbershops in the nearest big town that are men only though, so it's worth checking beforehand.

Crapple3030 Mon 05-Sep-16 08:24:00

I've done my own for years, damn stuff grows so fast I'd be at the barbers every fortnight if I didn't. At a tenner a pop I reckon I've saved myself three grand over the years.

LRDtheFeministDragon Mon 05-Sep-16 08:44:33

Some will and some won't, but unisex salons generally will.

What is annoying is when they kindly offer to charge you at the women's rates for precisely the same haircut as the men, which they charge the men about a third of the price for.

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