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Do you need a big house to have a piano?

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JonahAndTheSale Fri 02-Sep-16 09:56:31

We had a piano when I was growing up.

I enjoyed playing it, got to grade 6 !

Fast forward years and now I've my own dc, I'd like them to have the option of playing, if they wanted to.

Question is, I've no idea where I'd put a piano.

House is smallish 4 beds.

If you have a piano, do you have tonnes of space?!


knit1pearl1 Fri 02-Sep-16 09:58:06

Get an electric piano!

lifeofsiam Fri 02-Sep-16 09:58:19

We have a Yamaha Clavinova which I had been sniffy about - but it has weighted keys and they use similar in music colleges. It's great, takes up less space and you can use headphones!

Swordofthespirit Fri 02-Sep-16 10:00:25

Not particulary, you just need a dedicated space. Somewhere up against the wall unless you do have a very big house, then in can take centre stage.

Rulerruler Fri 02-Sep-16 10:01:24

We used to have a yacht piano - they are very compact and just miss the top and bottom octaves of a regular upright. The keyboard folds up into the frame. Don't know how easy they are to get hold of though!

Mrsfrumble Fri 02-Sep-16 10:02:20

No! We're about to move our piano into a 3rd floor, 2-bedroom flat...

As long as it's an upright, and a digital might be a good idea so whoever is playing can wear headphones and not disturb the rest of the house. Go for it!

Marynary Fri 02-Sep-16 10:03:46

We have always had a piano and I wouldn't say our house was that large (four beds but not particularly big). I think you only need a really large house if you have a grand piano.

ShowOfHands Fri 02-Sep-16 10:04:40

I live in a 2 up 2 down Victorian terrace. I have a piano.

NancyJoan Fri 02-Sep-16 10:06:33

An upright doesn't take much space. Could even go in the hall.

LumpyMcBentface Fri 02-Sep-16 10:07:20

We had one in the dining room of our little house.

We now have a dedicated music room grin

NoahVale Fri 02-Sep-16 10:11:04

You need to find out where it is best for a piano to sit in the house, which wall is preferential for the piano, and think of your neighbours as well.

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Fri 02-Sep-16 10:17:10

Electric stage piano. DD has a Yamaha P105 that has a footprint smaller than an ironing board. Look up Graham Howard on UKpianos, he has a very good guide to buying electrics.

FrancisCrawford Fri 02-Sep-16 10:17:11

Another vote for the Clavinova.

Classically trained pianist, playing for over 45 years and it is the best move we made!

Full range, weighted keys, smaller than an upright, volume control, option for headphones and three pedals. Never needs to be tuned and lives happily in the conservatory

It is a one off payment versus years of expensive piano tuning.

The noise from a traditional piano carries a long way, so best not to put against any adjoining walls or your poor neighbours will suffer. I dearly you need it in a room that does not connect to your neighbour and which has a door that can be shut to try to contain some of the sound carrying.

Which is why the Clavinova suits us perfectly.

FrancisCrawford Fri 02-Sep-16 10:21:40

As you are grade 6, I think getting a keyboard would be a mistake. It will not have full octaves and the keys are not weighted, which compromises how you actually play.

The advantage of the Clavinova is that the keys act in exactly the same way as a piano in that they are touch sensitive and respond to the amount of pressure applied, plus you can press any part of the key and it will respond. This is not the case with many keyboards. With a keyboard you miss the vibrations you get from a traditional piano too.

And not having the full range of octaves is very limiting if you want to play classical music.

FrancisCrawford Fri 02-Sep-16 10:23:16

PS : i do not work for Yamaha!

I did make the mistake of swapping a piano for a keyboard and found it very frustrating.

bookbook Fri 02-Sep-16 10:33:01

Could you find a small upright (no bigger footprint than the clavinova) , with 7 1/4 octaves - Kemble do/did them , - we had one which was very neat . Eavestaff do /did them too. (Slightly out of the loop on pianos now so may need to be secondhand)

Velvetdarkness Fri 02-Sep-16 10:35:15

I have a clavinova too. It's in the porch. Takes up less room than a sideboard. And no tuning costs. Plus you get special effects etc that kids love playing with.

Chala86 Fri 02-Sep-16 10:36:24

We're in a relatively small 3 bed. I have an electric piano. It takes up very little space, never needs tuning and I can turn it down so it doesn't disturb our neighbours. It also sounds like a proper piano and the keys are weighted, so feels like you're playing a proper piano iyswim

Ratley Fri 02-Sep-16 10:39:38

We have one in a 2 up 2 down terrace, it's in the alcove in the front room, it fits perfectly and I have been told that is the traditional place for them.

AnyTheWiser Fri 02-Sep-16 10:55:00

Surely in a 4 bed there'd be room? We didn't have one in our 2-up, 2-down cottage, as the rooms were 9x10, and there were 4 of us. As soon as we moved (to a 4-bed!) we got one.

AnyTheWiser Fri 02-Sep-16 10:56:17

Ha- rarely, our alcoves were 90 cm and 70 cm! Definitely not piano sized.

Cakescakescakes Fri 02-Sep-16 10:57:24

We live in a small 2.5 bed semi. Upright piano is wedged in the kitchen diner. I can't imagine how there's not enough room in a 4 bed house! Just stick it in somewhere.

Merrow Fri 02-Sep-16 10:58:28

We have a Clavinova in our tiny 2 bed flat! It's in the open plan kitchen / living room. We also have a "get out of washing up by playing the piano" rule, which means I sometimes have the pleasingly surreal situation of washing up to live classical music

cingolimama Fri 02-Sep-16 11:03:23

Our place is really small but we have a real piano. Look for a modern piano rather than a Victorian one (older ones are lovely, but tend to be much larger). We got a 60's Knight piano, second hand. It's nice and compact, but with a great sound - and looks great too.

NoCapes Fri 02-Sep-16 11:04:58

My mum lives in a very normal 3 bed house and has a piano
She has it in the hall with lots of family photos and a globe ontop smile tiz lovely
...until my kids visit and smash on the keys singing uptown funk that is grin

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