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To be angry with Greggs girl?

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RebelRogue Thu 01-Sep-16 17:09:47

Went i to my local Greggs and ordered two pepperoni pizzas and a star cookie for dd. Guy at checkout tells me that i can have a drink for only 50p. I picked a coke and put it on the counter. Girl behind me pipes up "you really should have a ribena with two pizzas and a cookie,not coke". I replied with " I'm a grownup and i'll pick my own bloody drink,thank you!".
As to not drip feed,yes i am fat(in case that was her issue) ,no i don't like ribena.

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Thu 01-Sep-16 17:10:59

Gosh, I doubt she meant any harm!!!

Joolsy Thu 01-Sep-16 17:11:04

Not sure there is much difference in Coke or Ribena sugar/sweetener-wise. But well done for you to put her straight. Cheeky cow.

PupPupBoogie Thu 01-Sep-16 17:11:25

Did this really happen?

Ribena is just as unhealthy as coke.

MidnightMargaritas Thu 01-Sep-16 17:13:01

I love Ribena!
Im pleased you said something though. I hate adults correcting other adults.

BuntyFigglesworthSpiffington Thu 01-Sep-16 17:13:21

What difference does it make if you had Ribena or Coke??

You wouldn't have this trouble with Gregory's Girl.

HighwayDragon1 Thu 01-Sep-16 17:13:48

Girl, or woman?

SillyMoomin Thu 01-Sep-16 17:13:50

Maybe she thought Ribena went better with pizza than Coke? Think you're overthinking it

BuntyFigglesworthSpiffington Thu 01-Sep-16 17:14:48

I love a bit of Ribena from time to time. But not hot Ribena like some of the fiends on MN.

BlancheBlue Thu 01-Sep-16 17:15:26

Is this a reverse?

willowtreecottage Thu 01-Sep-16 17:16:09

I'm not sure how you can fix this now ?confused
Just a bit of chit chat , surely?

blueskyinmarch Thu 01-Sep-16 17:16:13

Was she just some random in the queue, not an actual Greggs server?

Maybe she was just stating her preference, you know, tongue in cheek and all that.

RebelRogue Thu 01-Sep-16 17:17:12

I say girl as she was/looked really young. Could be she's older than me,didn't ask for id.
Yes it really did happen.
I didn't like being challenged on something i picked and paying for.
I am a grownup and i'm perfectly capable of picking something regardless if they "go together" or not.This is the bit that actually annoyed me.

RebelRogue Thu 01-Sep-16 17:17:51

Bluesky it was an actual server.

soundsystem Thu 01-Sep-16 17:17:58

Are you sure she wasn't trying to be friendly, like "Ribena goes really nicely with that", not "don't have a Coke, you're fat?"

Witchend Thu 01-Sep-16 17:18:06

Are you sure there wasn't a special offer she was alerting you to?

FireSquirrel Thu 01-Sep-16 17:18:24

Could it not have perhaps been that the 50p drink offer only applied to certain drinks?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 01-Sep-16 17:18:43

YNBU. Too many people have too much to say. People want to start worrying about themselves. I'm not surprised you snapped. Hopefully that'll be a lesson to her, that. You can't just say what you like.
The fact that. "You're fat". Your words not mine, doesn't even come into play, here.
Your money. Your body. Your business.

RebelRogue Thu 01-Sep-16 17:19:02

It wasn't even her serving me,it was another coworker.

SloanePeterson Thu 01-Sep-16 17:19:04

Maybe she thought the drink was for your dd? Or maybe she just had chronic foot in mouth syndrome

chickenowner Thu 01-Sep-16 17:19:13

Maybe coke wasn't in the meal deal, but ribena was?

HeddaLettuce Thu 01-Sep-16 17:19:46

Probably just making conversation, she didn't know that some people insist on taking every stray comment as a personal affront to get offended by.hmm

Lovelongweekends Thu 01-Sep-16 17:19:49

Maybe the 50p drink offer referred to Ribena rather than Coke?

BuntyFigglesworthSpiffington Thu 01-Sep-16 17:19:55

I am a grownup and i'm perfectly capable of picking something regardless if they "go together" or not.

It's not really worth the annoyance it's caused you!

MadHattersWineParty Thu 01-Sep-16 17:21:05

She works in Greggs, she probably sees all sorts, it's hardly a place you go to make healthy informed choices, I really doubt she was judging you.

Maybe she was trying to make a joke. I'm not fat but when I raised McDonald's the other day for hangover food I ordered a Diet Coke with my Big Mac meal, not because I suddenly had calorie anxiety but because I prefer the taste, but the bloke asked me if I was trying to do wine 'damage control'.grin

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