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talking in the library!

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elderwand90 Thu 01-Sep-16 12:25:46

Right so I have an hour spare before work. Thought I would just pop in to the library and read my book in nice quiet comfort as there was to point in going all the way home to then come back to where my work is. Anyway trying to read my book and 3 staff members are at the desk chatting and gossiping away rather loudly I can here the full conversation which is rather off putting when trying to read! WIBU ask them to stop? It's driving me nuts

IzzyIsBusy Thu 01-Sep-16 12:30:13

Yes you ABU.

useyourimagination Thu 01-Sep-16 12:31:28

I don't think libraries are the quiet hush hush type of place that they used to be and I'm quite glad of that myself.

IfartInYourGeneralDirection Thu 01-Sep-16 12:31:50

It's not the 1850's. People can talk in the library. Most are used for clubs, internet and children's activities and noise goes hand in hand with those

Soubriquet Thu 01-Sep-16 12:33:47

Yep yabu

Libraries are a social place now. Right down to children being noisy

HallowedMimic Thu 01-Sep-16 12:33:54

Public libraries are not 'quiet zones' these days. They are full of people making good use of the space for community groups and things - normal speaking voices are expected.

Loud voices if your visit coincides with the toddler/school groups.

Academic libraries tend to be the quiet ones.

elderwand90 Thu 01-Sep-16 12:36:20

But this isn't a club or kids thing or anything like as that wouldnt bother me it's three members of staff standing at the desk for the last half hour at least talking about what they were watching on TV and talking about other people and what they done! Am pg so maybe just a small bit irrational and hormonal!

HallowedMimic Thu 01-Sep-16 12:40:21

The point is that silence isn't expected in libraries these days. Normal noise is fine.

Talking is fine. And the staff are probably unpaid volunteers, so do try to be nice.

They are the reason the building is able to be kept open for you to sit around in.

BackforGood Thu 01-Sep-16 12:50:03

Yes, YABU to expect people not to be able to chat to colleagues, if they are doing a job that can be done whilst chatting.
If you aren't able to 'switch off' and get into your book then you need to take ear plugs / headphones, or go somewhere else.

Lorelei76 Thu 01-Sep-16 12:52:16

libraries are no longer quiet places
it's really really annoying because I don't think there's anywhere quiet that you can just pop into these days. I struggle with it too, I used to love the library.

you have my sympathies.

IzzyIsBusy Thu 01-Sep-16 12:52:27

Fgs why is im pregnant always used as a bloody excuse hmm

The staff are allowed to talk it is a library not a work house. You want peace and quiet go home.

elderwand90 Thu 01-Sep-16 13:00:57

Right Ok IABU! I will accept that i am now sitting outside because I can't take hearing about who's getting botox and lip fillers anymore. Pregnancy is a good excuse I cried at a kfc advert the other day am sorry but that would never happen it I wasn't hormonal lol

acasualobserver Thu 01-Sep-16 13:12:31

I would like libraries to be quiet places again. There are opportunities to be noisy pretty much everywhere else.

IzzyIsBusy Thu 01-Sep-16 13:16:23

Not enough people were using the libraries as quiet reading places so the need to have clubs and other noisy events arose to keep them from closing.

Much better to have a community space where all are welcome than a dead space with 1 or 2 silent readers in it.

acasualobserver Thu 01-Sep-16 13:22:42

The term "community space" makes me feel a bit ill.

Lorelei76 Thu 01-Sep-16 13:25:15

casual - me too. Everywhere is a fucking community space. And people wonder why I spend so much time at home.

on the rare occasion I have the misfortune to cross Trafalgar Square, I miss the traffic. The National Gallery have also commented what a pain the day time events are with booming mikes that can be heard while people are trying to look at paintings in peace. Gah.

IzzyIsBusy Thu 01-Sep-16 13:25:47

You should get checked out by a doctor if two words can bring on illness hmm

LuckyBitches Thu 01-Sep-16 14:36:42

YANBU!! There are precious few quiet places left in the world. A library should be one of them. This may be changing, but it's not unreasonable to dislike that.

LuckyBitches Thu 01-Sep-16 14:38:50

Although having now RTFT I will concede that community spaces are important. My local library has a children's area and I wouldn't expect that bit to be quiet.

StillDrSethHazlittMD Thu 01-Sep-16 14:40:10

I preferred quiet libraries too. As a lot of people prefer the quiet carriages on trains and a lot of people say they would pay extra for child-free flights to avoid noise, and gyms and spas that have hours or areas that are women only, why can't libraries perhaps have quiet zones or quiet hours?

90daychallenger Thu 01-Sep-16 14:42:13

YABU because libraries are very different places nowadays. They're not for book-lovers any more. They're glorified nurseries and council information centres.

YADDDDDDNBU to mourn this though. It's sad that libraries have ended up like this. When it was refurbished our city centre library got rid of about half its books to make way for a cafe and play space sad

BlancheBlue Thu 01-Sep-16 14:42:26

Libraries are a nightmare now. Such open spaces. Library in my old town hae a glassed off good children's library (so noise was okay), plenty of meeting rooms for groups etc and a quiet adult and reference floor.

All gone now.

allegretto Thu 01-Sep-16 14:44:21

YANBU. When my twins were babies the only quiet place I could study was the library as I paid my babysitter to look after them at home. It was so frustrating not to even have quiet there.

Lorelei76 Thu 01-Sep-16 15:38:19

I can see a model of paid for quiet libraries coming in. In fact i wonder if the changes re budget cuts, volunteers, clapping sessions etc came in so that later on they can open up a revenue stream by charging for quiet library space.

StillDrSethHazlittMD Thu 01-Sep-16 15:46:43

I did hear, I don't know how true it is, that in some towns and cities, churches that are open to visitors during the day are seeing an increase in numbers doing so. Some have cafes, but its often a case of people just wanting to go in and have some quiet. Take your book, sit in a pew.

Actually just realised. Most Waterstones are fairly quiet places, apart from the cafes. Book people clearly prefer quiet, so it's weird libraries are alienating a core audience.

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