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Is it UR to take DS to paediatrician in his pj's?

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QuestioningMyselfAgain Thu 01-Sep-16 10:34:57

He is refusing point blank to get dressed. He's five. We have to leave in twenty minutes.

I've tried encouraging, doing it myself, telling him etc he will not get dressed without a huge fight

We're at the paediatrician for a review (I suspect autism) but he's been diagnosed with secondary social problems.

I have two other DC who are dressed. Aibu to just take him as he is?

BeachysSandyFlipFlops Thu 01-Sep-16 10:38:23

Not unreasonable at all, but keep his clothes handy in case he changes his mind!

HarmlessChap Thu 01-Sep-16 11:35:06

I am sure the paediatrician won't care and if anyone else does then that's their problem.

Hagothehills Thu 01-Sep-16 11:40:44

Not at all u reasonable. Pps idea of keeping clothes to hand is a good idea though. Good luck to both of you today

FrancisCrawford Thu 01-Sep-16 12:04:20

Sounds the easiest all round so go for it

QuestioningMyselfAgain Thu 01-Sep-16 12:46:44

Thank you!

We're back. DS wore his pj's. A few hmmlooks and double takes but there you go.

Hagothehills Thu 01-Sep-16 15:53:17

Hey you pick your battles especially if your kid isnt nt. How did it go?

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