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To be sad about my sex life.

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Rosycheeksforthisone Wed 31-Aug-16 20:56:53

I'm feeling really crappy about it, DH bothers to do it but it's always me to instigate it! And then he'll just say along the lines of making it quick, and he just puts it straight in, no foreplay or anything, not even a kiss.

I just feel like not bothering anymore and sorting myself out in the bathroom when he watches his films every single night....

FrameyMcFrame Wed 31-Aug-16 20:58:28

Have you said this to him?

MoosLikeJagger Wed 31-Aug-16 20:59:02

You need to talk to him about it or this will poison the rest of your marriage.

Has it always been this way or did it used to be good?

Kathsmum Wed 31-Aug-16 20:59:49

Depressing I agree. No advice but didn't want to read n run.
At least you get that is a terrible consolation sorry.

Rosycheeksforthisone Wed 31-Aug-16 21:00:06

I have, he said I was trying to pick a fight.

He's never bothered to really try but I'm fed up of feeling 'dirty' for asking for a bit more than just sex.

JellyBelli Wed 31-Aug-16 21:02:47

This would be a dealbreaker for me. Its not a loving partnership. Its not even that you have different levels of sex drive. flowers

MoosLikeJagger Wed 31-Aug-16 21:19:39

Do you know if he had much experience before you got together? I'm wondering if

A) he's lazy and doesn't care about your pleasure
B) he's ignorant and doesn't know how
C) he's insecure and scared to try

He needs to understand that married couples having sex is not dirty, and that 9 times out of 10 foreplay is just common decency to a woman's vagina.

Crap sex leads to resentment, which results in further crap sex, which results in no sex.... The end point is either divorce or infidelity. Or both.

FrameyMcFrame Wed 31-Aug-16 21:52:02

You have to try and talk about it. If that doesn't work the next stage is couples counselling, maybe he will take you seriously then?

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