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Girl in Cubs?

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LizzyNana Wed 31-Aug-16 19:41:53

DD is currently a Rainbow, she was suppose to be moving up to Brownies after the October half term, so only 7/8 weeks left.

However Brownies nights are on a Tuesday, she already has an activity on Tuesday nights that she doesn't want to give up but she also doesn't want to give up being a Brownie.

We contacted local Brownie groups and their waiting lists are shocking, by the time she gets in, she'll be ready to move up again.

So that leaves us with one option.

Our Girl Guides share a hut with the Scouting movement, their Cubs meet on Thursdays in the same exact place as Rainbows/Brownies/Beavers etc they share the same pack name like they're all 17th Wembley (not a real name)

DD can move up into Cubs instead of Brownies, bypassing their waiting list.

I have mixed feelings about this, I loved being a Brownie because it was an all girls environment, the Cub pack only has 2 girls.

And she's tiny for her age and I'm slightly terrified she wouldn't cope, their's around 17 boys in Cubs.

She's not too keen either which is making me waver. I know she'll be fine but I can't help panicking.

MillicentMargaretAmanda Wed 31-Aug-16 19:45:03

I think you (both) just have to give it a go. A a Brownie leader I would love to see her stay in Brownies but that's obviously not feasible so give cubs a go and if she likes it fab and if not there's a place for someone on the cubs waiting list.

mynamesnotsam Wed 31-Aug-16 19:48:21

They normally move from Rainbows to Brownies at 7 but Beavers don't move to cubs until they are 8. Is your dd old enough for cubs?

wheresthel1ght Wed 31-Aug-16 19:49:10

As a guider I shouldn't be telling you this...but...start her at the Tuesday group and then ask to move her. Most units will bypass Waiting lists for someone already enrolled

Oakmaiden Wed 31-Aug-16 19:50:04

Often Brownie packs are willing to take an extra (skipping the waiting list) if the parent offers to be a helper... just saying...

LizzyNana Wed 31-Aug-16 19:56:53

Mynamenotsam, she'll be 8 in December, our pack don't move up to Brownies till 7 and a half which was around June but Brownies had too many kids and not enough volunteers to take on anymore, a lot of Brownies were moving up after the summer break, so they held back a few Rainbows who were suppose to move up during June Halfterm. Cubs have said they'll take her.

Wheresthel1ght, Really shock that's absolutely brilliant, cheeky but brilliant. I'd love to keep her in Brownies.

SueDunome Wed 31-Aug-16 19:57:12

Agree with wheresthel1ght

Scarydinosaurs Wed 31-Aug-16 20:01:15

If she isn't keen on either is there a different activity she would rather do?

Makinglists Wed 31-Aug-16 20:03:14

Go back to the other brownie packs explain that DD is a rainbow and is desperate to be a brownie but can't go to her local unit as there are other family commitments. A sympathetic guider would hopefully find a space especially if it means she isn't 'lost' to guiding. If you can do offer to help even if its can't be each week. I'm a guide guider with two boys who are in cubs/beavers and it is fab and def. worth considering if you can't get in. Good luck!

BackforGood Wed 31-Aug-16 20:04:41

My dd was the first (and therefore only) girl in her cub pack back in the day. She absolutely LOVED it, then Scouts, then Explorers (and being a Young Leader). She has had SO many experiences, done SO many things, and developed into such a well rounded person.
Of course, she was lucky enough to be part of a fantastic cub pack, and also part of a really strong district, and County, so lots of opportunities were there for her. The issue can be that every pack is as good as the sum of the leaders and other support it gets - so they vary.
Of course, personality comes into it. My dd has always loved being 'the only one' or 'the first' to do something, some dc would find that much more of a challenge, and therefore an offputting thing.
Another possibility might be to swap the activity she does on a Tuesday to the same activity on another night ?

IAmAPaleontologist Wed 31-Aug-16 20:08:33

My dd is currently a beaver, due to go to Cubs after Christmas. I wouldn't worry, you'll find the numbers of girls vs boys fluctuates a fair bit.

MGFM Wed 31-Aug-16 20:11:34

I was one of the first female scouts (many years ago). Loved it. I was in the Brownies and found it dull and boring. The scouts were much more adventurous and just better.

CurlyMango Wed 31-Aug-16 21:05:45

Cubs is great my Dd loved it at is now a scout

wheresthel1ght Wed 31-Aug-16 22:44:15

Yes really.

Existing members get priority and we are not supposed to turn them away regardless of group size or waiting lists.

As for the argument about not enough leaders...that is debatable. There are guidelines that suggest an appropriate ratio within the meeting place but actually, as long as there are 2 adults 1 who is a member of guiding there is no limit to how many girls you can have. It is entirely at the discretion of the unit leader. It is only an issue when you are meeting outside the journal meeting venue.

And before anyone jumps on me, yes I do know what I am talking about. I was a commissioners for years and run units for over 20 years

wheresthel1ght Wed 31-Aug-16 22:45:31

Journal = normal sorry not got my glasses on!

RubyReins Wed 31-Aug-16 23:10:21

Haven't read the full thread but I was one of the very first girls to be a Scout in the UK and I am positively evangelical about Scouting and indeed Scouting for girls (but not the band - they are pitiful, or indeed any other pun, I have heard the lot). It was perfect for me when the local Guides troop fell short. I don't have daughters but am so proud of eldest DS in his Beaver Scout apparel. I faced a bit of sexist opposition when I joined, although my own troop were fiercely protective of me, but the past 26 years have been progressive ones. Give it a go smile

budgiegirl Wed 31-Aug-16 23:29:49

I'd recommend she gives it a go, she might love it! My DD was a cub and now a scout, and has enjoyed every minute of it.

Scottishchick39 Wed 31-Aug-16 23:37:14

My daughter went to brownies and found it quite boring, she then went on to Cubs, scouts and is now in the explorers. She loves it. To begin with there was only a couple of girls, then there was more but TBH it didn't really matter to her what sex they were.

Highlandfling80 Wed 31-Aug-16 23:40:33

My Dd has always done Cubs and Scouts and loves it. She does do Girls Brigade aswell though to benefit from all girl environment.

JacquettaWoodville Wed 31-Aug-16 23:41:38

This is a good exercise in making her choose. You say she's not over keen on being a Cub. She has the choice of - staying in Tuesday brownies but dropping the activity, being a cub and doing the activity, going on a waiting list for brownies and doing the activity.

Which of those three would she pick?

TytoAlba Thu 01-Sep-16 01:18:13

In my experience Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers are totally inclusive, so your daughter should thrive in Cubs/Scouts/Explorers if that's what you both decide. I'm not so clued up about Rainbows and Brownies but the Scouts I know about have a fair number of girls in their troop, so it seems to be the norm for girls to be in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts now.

pinkmagic1 Thu 01-Sep-16 06:14:40

My dd attended Rainbows and found it really boring. I took her along to beavers and have not looked back. She is now a cub and about to go up to scouts.
I realise every pack is different, but the one she attends does so much with the children, it is fantastic.
I was a member of the same pack as one of the first girl scouts and remember how exciting it was in contrast to the brownies I attended previously.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Thu 01-Sep-16 06:20:10

As a cub leader, I can't recommend it enough. I went to scouts as one of two girls (and pretty small) after my guide group closed and I loved it. They have never been able to get rid of me. I went from scouts to explorers, to Young Leader to Assistant Beaver Leader to Assistant Cub Leader. I'm here for life! I've had so many fantastic opportunities through scouting. The World Scouting Jamboree and two volunteer trips to developing parts of the world. Amazing!

BananaInPyjama Mon 05-Sep-16 10:20:16

My daughter is a cub- she loves it. There are far more cub options than brownies where we live.

Cubs are now about 40/60 girls to boys and they do loads of fun things.

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